One stop pharmacy and doctors

Welcome to Medical Specialists™ Pharmacy, the first ‘One Stop Pharmacy and Doctors’ in the UK.

Their website is safe and secure and you can rest assure that your medical details will not be passed to any third parties.

Unlike many of the illegal websites on the internet that make fictitious claims, Medical Specialists™ are based in Britain and provide only genuine UK branded medication to thousands of patients who can receive their medication to their home, place of work, or another specified destination – within just 24 hours, which saves time and embarrassment.

So how does it all work? Following a successful online consultation with one of their Doctors, the medication is then dispensed by their in-house pharmacy and sent the same day by Royal Mail. This saves you the time and potential embarrassment of having to go to your GP and local pharmacy in person.

Medical Specialists™ have an unrivalled pedigree in this sector because they were the first legal UK online clinic and are trusted by their customers, because they sell only genuine medication for treating:

  • •   Asthma
  • •   Weight Loss
  • •   Erectile Dysfunction
  • •   Malaria
  • •   IBS
  • •   Acid Reflux
  • •   Pain Relief
  • •   Embarrassing Conditions
  • •   And much more

The company began in 1987, and by 1994 became Medical Specialists™ and were heavily involved in computerisation of their patients and medication. Over the next few years they set to work on their pioneering vision of using the internet as a fast and reliable source to supply genuine medication to patients.

By 2001, Medical Specialists™ became the first legal online clinic in the UK supplying a range of medication via online consultation, but suddenly found that a large number of companies were unsuccessfully trying to imitate them.

Medical Specialists™ are now a fully registered online Pharmacy with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB) and the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC), and member of the National Pharmacy Association (NPA), with doctors and pharmacists all on one site.

Medical Specialists™ are now able to dispense private and NHS prescriptions, so you can now send your paper prescriptions or get your GP to send your NHS prescription to them using their new Electronic Prescription Service, which is an easy and convenient way to get your medicines in the future. They will then dispense them and send them by post to your home, place of work or any other suitable address. 



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