Finding fun ways to exercise

Regular exercise is one of the best ways to stay fit, healthy and happy – we all know this, but that doesn’t always make it easy to find the motivation to get off the couch.

Start thinking about getting fitter in a more positive light, by exploring some fun ways to exercise.

From high-octane adventures to relaxing yet absorbing activities, there are plenty of alternatives to the stereotypical keep fit classes. Finding a way to stay active that offers you plenty of satisfaction and mental stimulation is guaranteed to give your self-confidence a boost.

Improving your fitness levels

There’s strong scientific evidence that exercise really can improve your quality of life – and your health. For a quick and easy to understand guide to the kind of benefits you can enjoy by simply becoming more active, turn to this interesting information from the NHS. The website also has a fabulous selection of articles and suggestions to help you find time for fitness, whatever age you are. Spend some time browsing the guidelines to getting the most out of your exercise routine or checking out the recommended apps.

If you don’t currently lead an active lifestyle, you might want to ease yourself into exercising gently. Simply starting to add a daily walk to your routine can have massive benefits to your body, as explained in an fascinating piece from Gizmodo. Explore your local area or set yourself goals to visit particular shops, libraries or attractions to give yourself a goal to work towards.

Swimming is another fabulous way to begin your road to fitness. A form of exercise suitable for all ages and abilities, swimming can give you a great workout while being gentle on your body. If you find the sport itself somewhat repetitive, try an underwater aerobics class that’s kind to your joints and a lot of fun. For some insight into just how good for you swimming is, find out why The Independent calls it the ultimate exercise.

Finding the fun in fitness

Once you’ve built up a little stamina, you’ll be ready to try some fun new ways of getting your blood pumping. After Hours offers a nice guide to 10 ways to keep fit without becoming bored, including unusual suggestions such as fencing, climbing and rowing. Taking up a dance class is another excellent way to stretch your muscles while also enjoying yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you fancy ballroom or breakdancing; all forms of dance offer plenty of opportunity to improve your fitness levels.

My Launchpad also has a guide to some great ways to stay fit, such as making sure you have plenty of fun with your pet. The Guardian also offers a guide to its four favourite ways to keep fit and WebMD has a list of fun exercise alternatives to traditional routines, so you should never be stuck for a new and interesting way to start improving your fitness levels.


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