Get fitter, even if you hate exercise

Lets face it, while some people love slipping into their workout outfits and heading off to the gym, there’s plenty of us who can’t think of anything worse.

But that’s no reason to give up – there’s lots of ways you can stay fit and healthy without forcing yourself to take part in the kind of exercise you hate.

Get your dancing shoes on

Whether you’d like to learn how to tango or you’re interested in learning a few street-wise hip hop moves, there are lots of dance classes that cater to older members. Look for ballet stretch classes for a gentle and graceful way to loosen up your muscles, get active with a Zumba workout or try swing dancing if you’d prefer to dance as part of a couple.

Window shop and power walk 

If you live near the countryside, there’s always a good excuse to go for a walk and soak up a little nature. In the centre of town, it can be a little harder to drum up the motivation. Try thinking up a route that will take you past some of the more interesting shops in your area and combine a power walk with the chance to check out what’s on sale.

Invest in an exercise bike or treadmill

The great thing about installing a stationary bike or running machine in your home is the fact that you can exercise while doing something else entirely. Read a book while you whizz through the miles, watch shows on your iPad, set up a karaoke app and sing your way fitter – in the privacy of your home, you can turn exercise into entertainment.

See if there’s a sport that works for you

For a lot of people, the last time they gave a sport a go, they were in school! Give sports like tennis, badminton or football a chance and see if there’s something about the competitive edge that helps keep you entertained even while you’re exercising. You might be surprised to find out how much you enjoy getting out on the court or field now that you’re an adult.

Sneak in a few low goals

If the thought of following an exercise routine makes you clench your jaw, try switching your goals around. Don’t waste the time it takes for the kettle to boil, use those minutes to raise your heart rate with a just a few moves. Fit 10 jumping jacks, lunges or leg lifts into spare moments here and there during the day and you might just find yourself wanting to increase your targets.

Sign up for a charity walk or run

If running or long distance walks aren’t your favourite thing, why not capitalise on the fact and sign up for a charity event? That way, you’ll have to go through with the programme you’ve committed too and you’ll know that your friends and family will be more likely to donate to a worthy cause – especially when they know you aren’t a fan of exercise!

How do you get yourself moving?

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