Having fun with rock climbing

When another trip to the gym sounds dull and you’re bored of the same old exercise routines, it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors.

Rock climbing is a fantastic way to get fit and it offers a number of good incentives to people who like to have their minds engaged while exercising.

Challenge yourself to a form of exercise that engages every muscle in the body and also provides a huge amount in terms of satisfaction. What’s more, if you try rock climbing outdoors, you are also often rewarded with fantastic views and gorgeous landscapes.

Rock climbing over 50

 Don’t let your age put you off the idea of rock climbing, there are many different levels of the sport and you can be sure to choose suitable heights and surfaces to match your fitness and abilities. Climbing is not all about strength, there is a good deal of skill and grace involved, meaning it can be the perfect sport for picking up when you’re a bit older. has a good introduction to the sport, including an overview of getting started, which discusses some of the base fitness levels you need to enjoy climbing.

 While you may face some physical limitations as an older climber, it should be possible for you to avoid problematic situations. Have a look at Livestrong’s article about rock climbing to find out more about the kind of physical condition preferable for enjoying the rigors of rock climbing. It’s also worth bearing in mind the fact that there are many areas that offer rock faces perfect for older climbers as well as companies that cater specifically to older participants, such as Rock Climbing in the Peak District. Choosing the right area to climb is a skill and its essential that beginners don’t set out alone in unfamiliar places.

Starting a rock climbing adventure

 It’s strongly recommended book lessons with an experienced climber before you head out on the rocks and you may want to begin with classes at an indoor rock climbing centre. There, you’ll learn all of the basic techniques that will help you once you start exploring and have the chance to meet likeminded people. Rock climbing is an interesting combination of social and solitary sport. While you can enjoy the freedom to concentrate solely on your own progress, you will also find that when on dangerous climbs outside, you rely on your partner with your life. This tends to result in some very strong bonds and friendships.

 To learn more about rock climbing and whether it might be the perfect recreational sport for you, have a look at this in-depth guide from Ask Men. If you’re ready to get started and are looking for local classes, other keen climbers or advice on different crags and routes, be sure to check out UK Climbing. The site is packed with all of the information you need to get started as a climber and some great advice for enjoying all aspects of the sport.



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