Over 50’s Rowing for Fitness

Rowing is a really good form of cardiovascular exercise being completely impact free and as it can also be done indoors it is a fantastic all year round form of exercise.

The Concept2 Indoor Rower is the best selling rowing machine in the world and is built to last.  It is designed to cope with years of use and having had one for 3 years I have found it a brilliant form of exercise. I use it three times a week for between 10 and 20 minutes each session. There is a monitor on the Concept2 which measures your distance rowed, time, average time to row certain distances and stokes per minute. I usually take about 9 minutes to row 2,000 metres which I find to be a great short workout.  In 20 minutes I can normally row about 4,000 metres which is a full workout.  For those aged over 50 like myself I find it a great way to keep fit.  You can put on some music or even watch TV and its easy to forget you are rowing; it’s an easy effective form of exercise!

A rowing machine can be found in almost every gym in the UK and is also used for cross training within almost every other sport, including Formula 1, athletics, sailing, triathlon, rugby, football and basketball.

On the Concept2 you can row as hard or as easily as you want and as a result, thousands of people find rowing on the Concept2 Indoor Rower to be the best full-body workout available. It is suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness and there are various adaptations that can be added to the machine to make it accessible for people with a large range of disabilities, making indoor rowing a truly inclusive activity.

Full Body Workout

Indoor Rowing is a full body workout and can provide a robust base fitness for almost anyone to keep fit and live a healthier life. This is how it helps to exercise the body.

The Legs: Each stroke involves full compression and extension of the legs, working the muscles of the calves, thighs, buttocks and hips in a low impact way that is much kinder on the knees than most activities that build leg strength

The Core: Indoor rowing is one of the few activities that will work your ‘core’ abdominal and back muscles. Fitness experts believe a strong core yields numerous benefits, from a stronger back to better posture

Upper Body: Indoor rowing will strengthen and tone your shoulders, back and arms

Heart & Lungs: Because it engages so many muscle groups simultaneously, indoor rowing is great for improving cardiovascular health and fitness

Concept2’s can be found in most local gyms which makes them accessible to all. Alternatively you could buy or hire one. They start at £980 which although is a large investment, is possible to pay for via different payment plans. See the website for further details.


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Have you ever tried indoor rowing?

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