Eye tests in your own home

According to the latest NHS statistics 75% of over 65’s in the UK suffer from visual impairment or sight loss, which negatively impacts quality of life.

Complete Community Care opticians have discovered that only 35% of over 65’s sign themselves up for free regular eye examinations. This has led to a staggering 95% of over 65’s wearing the wrong prescription glasses.

Blurred vision and constant eyestrain are some of the short-term effects of wearing incorrect prescriptions and having undiagnosed eye issues. However the long-term effects of wearing unsuitable prescriptions can include lasting damage to the eye, accelerated blindness and can also increase the risk of slips, trips and falls.

Experts from around the world emphasise that preventative measures are the best line of defence when it comes to managing visual impairments and deteriorating eyesight. To diagnose an issue before it has a chance to develop into a serious long-term problem can prevent debilitating eye conditions such as; cataracts from taking hold. In fact, qualified opticians maintain that catching these problems in their early stages is far more effective than treating them after the problem has already escalated.

As we get older our bodies naturally begin to slow down and deteriorate and we have an increasing need for assistance. For years many industries have provided home-based services to those unable to easily leave their homes. From mobile hairdressers and meal providers, to healthcare visitor; many people use domiciliary (home-based) help to assist with the day-to-day difficulties. Others just enjoy the convenience of companies such as Complete Community Care opticians who specifically cater to people over 60 who may be less mobile and would prefer an eye test at home.

For an eye test at home, your optician will still perform the same eye examination you would receive on the high street. Transforming your home into a consulting room with minimal disruption, allowing the visiting optometrist to perform a full and comprehensive eye examination.


If you would like an eye test at home it is simple to get in touch with Complete Community Care. Just contact them on the below details:

Phone number: 0203 418 8488
E-mail: [email protected]

Or you can simply text ‘EYETEST’ to 82055 with the customer’s name and telephone number and Complete Community Care will call you back to arrange a convenient appointment time.


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