Loopies – quality magnetic reading glasses that stick with you!

Loopies Magnetic reading glasses are the brain child of Tom McCabe.

Whilst growing older is not a great chore, and it comes with the benefit of a calmer outlook on life,  the downside for some of us is failing eyesight especially, when it comes to reading. Whilst it is easy enough to buy off the shelf readers, holding on to them and not loosing them is another matter entirely!  Pound shop glasses can look cheap and Tom found prolonged wearing of them resulted in headaches and fatigue. Good glasses cost a fortune and were never there when needed.

Seeing a friend of his with a monocle seemed to be the answer to the missing glasses syndrome, however it created great mirth amongst onlookers and proved unusable for any length of time. This gave Tom the inspiration he needed to come up with his own solution to the problem!

Tom went to China with his design. He met manufactures, patent lawyers, and gave the instruction.

I want the best quality scratch resistant, UV protected, blue block computer protection, all in one lens

The result was Loopies. The price is really competitive for the quality.  McCabe only sells direct through online sales, and this way he manages to keep his prices low.

These are the best off the shelf readers I have ever owned.  When they’re not on the end of my nose, they are securely round my neck.  Previously, I had several pairs of specs scattered around the house, but now I just have the one pair of Loopies that are always exactly where I left them … around my neck!  The lenses are far superior to anything else I have bought off the shelf, and I find them extremely comfortable too.” says Martin Lock, CEO of

Loopies are the patented, easy to find and hard to lose, prescription quality, magnetic reading glasses with a nifty flexible neck loop, designed in the UK. Utilising Anti-Glare, UVA Protection and Blue Ray Protection. They are anti-glare, scratch-resistant, adjustable, easy to use, easy to store and come in their own plastic protective glasses case. Perfect for people needing quick access to their reading glasses and for those who sometimes misplace them!




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