Have you every tried to quit smoking?

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Have you ever tried to give up smoking?  How successful have you been.  What strategies did you use?

New research released by Boots UK today,  shows smokers think giving up smoking is as big an achievement as buying a home. In fact, 61% of smokers say quitting smoking is one of their lifetime ambitions.

Research results:

  • ·   61% of smokers say quitting smoking is one of their lifetime ambitions
  • ·   Smokers compared the achievement of quitting smoking with learning to drive (49%) and climbing a mountain (46%)
  • ·   Smokers see giving up smoking as a bigger challenge than losing weight (60%)

The research coincides with the launch of the government’s Stoptober campaign.


Share your views with us below …

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4th Dec 2015
Thanks for voting!
I believe (if your strong enough) in giving up cold turkey, all these patches and vapes are only substituting what your trying to get out of your system in the first place, I smoked in excess of 30 a day, don't actually miss it but have put on 4st. so am more out of breath than I was before I stopped, so now its down the Gym for me after Christmas
20th Apr 2015
Thanks for voting!
I smoked for for over 50 years,mainly cigarettes,filtered or plain.also trying cigars, a pipe and rolling tobacco at various times. I suffered from breathlessness and regular morning coughs. But the main reason for deciding to quit was that my addiction was costing more than my food and drink!! With the support of my doctor and health nurse it took about 10 weeks to to give up.That was about three and a half years ago.and I saved enough money to visit my son's family in Australia twice . No more coughs and better breathing too. To all long term smokers----its never too late to quit.
Allan Mackay
19th Sep 2014
Thanks for voting!
Smoking was beginning to make me breathless. I realised when I took a large breath when I was breathless it was similar to the effect of having a cigarette. So the next time i had an urge for a cigarette I stopped what I was doing, stood still ,closed my eyes and pretended I was inhaling a cigarette. Slowly I took a really deep breath through my nose or my open mouth. I pretended the smoke was going deep into my lungs. I realised by doing this I was getting the safe affect as a cigarette. After a few days I did this every time i wanted a cigarette and I did not close my eyes, I did it on the move. After a week or so I lost the fag craving and a year later went on a super holiday on the money saved from buying cigarettes. Sounds corny but it worked for me and I have never looked back.
Rosemary Turner
15th Sep 2014
Thanks for voting!
I stopped smoking on 27/03/2004, after 30 years of puffing away. I used to tell myself I never smoked more than 20 a day, but I did. I tried to stop a number of times before and got nowhere but I was told I had a heart problem and if I didn't stop I would die. I stopped. I also found a site called 'quitnet.com' and that was so helpful. I just used the forums and support from others and it is still helpful even now occasionally. It tells you all the adverse side effects you can expect when stopping, which no-one else does. It also keeps reminding you that these will go fairly soon and you will then be able to afford a really good holiday (save the money you would have spent on cigarettes in a jar). I never said (and still don't) that I 'don't smoke' just 'I am choosing not to have one just now' and I kept in mind that each time I stopped before was a practice for when it really happened.
william brown
13th Sep 2014
Thanks for voting!
Just was the right time to stop. All the comments from friends advising to stop just felt like pressure. Think financial pressure had a lot to do with it along with hypnosis.
Pat Johnson
13th Sep 2014
Thanks for voting!
I used to hate the saying"if U could do it so could you". I loved smoking, but I like being free better and to know I don't stink of it is a great confidence booster too. Give it up and spend your money on something worth while. Good luck and ' Keep trying'
Geraldine Johnson
13th Sep 2014
Thanks for voting!
I've tried and occasionally succeeded in giving up smoking but I always start again, sometimes after 6 months! I would love to give up but I'm finding it so difficult. Now I've just found out I need an operation and I'm feeling anxious and it's even harder. Just when I really ought to be fag-free. I've tried Freshstart, I've tried Alan Carr's Easy Way (and that was extremely successful the first time). Not sure how I'm gonna do it.
Susan Gilks
13th Sep 2014
Thanks for voting!
Yes i gave up smoking after50years stopped2years ago never felt better tried champix but didn't suit me came off after 6weeks the rest was willpower you need to want to give it up also helps if you can do it with some one else I was lucky because my daughter and son gave up as well

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