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One hearing aid wearer explains why he is glad he hasn’t ended up like his father and talks about the hearing aids bring to him.

“When you go deaf, you don’t just lose your hearing. You lose contact. You lose the ability to discriminate between sounds that are coming at you. There are two strategies that people use. My dad used the one where you just shut up. You let things go on around you and just forget it. And a friend of mine – he knows a hell of a lot, grant you – he never stops talking. Because then he doesn’t have to listen. But I would prefer to keep social contact and let the other guy have a word, once in a while…

“I saw it happen to my dad. He was a very sociable man up until the time he was 55, 60 – but then I just watched him fade out of the picture. He didn’t seek out conversations. He didn’t interact with his friends the way he used to. He was active in a bowling league for a while and then he just pulled out of that. The noise of the bowling alley and all that – he just couldn’t handle it. And by the end of his life he was just a silent man. And he didn’t deserve that kind of fate. And I’m damn glad I don’t have to suffer it…

“Hearing aids these days are remarkable. Even compared to the pair I had a couple of years ago, the clarity of my new pair is excellent. With my new ones the voice of the person speaking to me – even from the telly – I can hear it, I can hear the words…

“We have a little coffee group that starts before the Italian class. We sort of sit down, 5 or 6 of us and just chat…. And that has become incredibly easy now. I can hear people talking and pick one person out and listen to them and filter out the others…

“What advice would I give to someone who thinks they might need a hearing aid? Do something about it. Get your hearing tested at the very least. I mean, if you are noticing it, you can bet your life that the people around you are too –family, colleagues, friends….and hearing aids today are completely different to those of only a few years ago. You’ll be surprise”.

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Have you or anyone in your family suffered from hearing loss?  What have you done to help try and combat it?


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3rd Apr 2015
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After years of cupping my ears, or simply not understanding what people were saying to me I finally took the decision to get hearing aids. Mine are the ones with a small electronic box that sits behind the ear, with a wire and tiny cone that is inserted into the ear.
Although I have only had them for two weeks and at the moment they are running at 70% volume capacity, they have made a world of difference to my everyday activities. I can now understand what people say to me, rather than just hear a garbled noise, everyday sounds when I am out and about, I hearing for the first time in years. I can't wait for when the volume is increased to 100% in a few weeks time. If you are in the same situation as I was for a long time, jump in and get a pair of hearing aids, you will not regret it
Brian Hatley
25th Jun 2014
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I've been practically deaf in one ear since childhood, relying on my one good ear (which was really good). At a French conversation class in my forties, others smirked when I kept cupping my bad ear in order to hear properly. Later on, I developed a peculiar gurgling tinnitus in the good ear, which made me realise something had to be done. Ended up with a NHS analogue aid for the bad ear, which made an enormous difference - at least for a few years. Wasn't long before the good ear started to wane, resulting in a digital aid in both ears (using moulds). Throughout my sixties, the two aids served me well. Then, NHS suggested I could benefit from new, smaller aids that did not use a mould, instead a little rubbery cone that went right into the outer ear, although still with the electronics behind. They were fantastic, hardly noticeable, and I could even use a telephone up to the ear without needing to remove a hard perspex "plug". Now in my seventies, and after a recent check-up, I have new, improved aids, unfortunately back to the rather cumbersome moulds (apparently, the little cones can't handle my frequency requirements). I would dearly love to be able to discard the perspex moulds, but hey, I am so grateful to the NHS for taking the trouble to preserve my hearing. A cynical family member thinks it"s all a waste of valuable public money - according to her I'm
still as deaf as a post.
I don't understand why the stigma of hearing aids - nobody bats an eyelid if you have to wear glasses!

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