The gift of hearing this Mother’s Day

All mums love flowers and most will happily nibble on a chocolate or two. Enjoying a card with lovely, heartfelt words goes without saying, after all words are important.

Forget all the cards and presents though; what mums want most on Mother’s Day is to be surrounded by family in a warm hubbub of cosy chit-chat. But what if your hearing is fading and along with it, your ability to socialise as easily as before?

People who are losing their hearing cite isolation as one of the hardest things to deal with which often leads to feelings of anger and even depression. It can also prove difficult and frustrating for loved ones, as well as the person directly affected. So what could be a better gift this Mother’s Day than the gift of improved hearing? Whether you’re a mum yourself or looking for the perfect gift for your own mother, Action on Hearing Loss, the UK leading charity for the deaf and hard of hearing, have a wealth of products and support to make life easier and keep the communication channels open.

The T519 PowerTel M9000 smart phone has everything you’d expect from a smart phone but is fully compatible with hearing aids and features an amplified speakerphone, ensuring mums won’t miss out on a Mother’s Day call.

The T415 AmpliPower 50 is one of the loudest phones the charity has ever heard with an extremely loud maximum volume of 132dB, so it’s ideal for people who are severely deaf. The volume level can be adjusted to suit present needs, safe in the knowledge that as hearing fades communication can be maintained by simply turning up the volume. It also features easy to read numbers for those whose sight might be less than perfect too.

Don’t leave mum waiting at the window for your arrival on Mothering Sunday, buy her the A321 Libra flashing door chime instead. It will alert her to your visit with a loud chime as well as a flashing light, and with a reach of 200 metres (much longer than any other door bells with portable receivers) it can be used in the garden too. Perfect for a Spring Sunday.


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