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We all know that ears are not just something to decorate with jewellery or rest your glasses on, but it’s not just kids with loud music who are damaging their hearing, sometimes irreparably.

With millions of tablets, smartphones and MP3 players being sold to the over 55’s in the last three years alone, the rock and roll generation are also in danger as they listen to music via earphones, as well as the more traditional stereos.

The 3rd March 2015 sees that start of International Ear Care Day 2015. Organised by the WHO… no, not the very loud band, famed for the song ‘Pinball Wizard’ and an exploding drum kit that actually deafened one of the band, but the World Health Organisation, who aim to raise awareness of safe noise and music levels under the theme “Make Listening Safe”. But our little play on words, or rather acronym, is entirely intentional – even the mature and sensible over 55’s have been known to blast out their music at ear damaging levels.

So, not to be killjoys Action on Hearing Loss, the UKs oldest (formerly the RNID) and most respected charity for the deaf and hard of hearing, have recommended some products below that will ensure you and your grandchildren will continue to enjoy music for a long time to come. After all, they love music just as much they love ears!

Festival Protection – as the generation that invented the festival we reckon you could show the kids a thing or two – EarPeace protective plugs filter music so you get all of the enjoyment of live music without the risk of damaging your hearing

Protect the grandkids with the M500 Kiwibeats Music 101 kids’ headphones which have a safe volume limit of 85dB to protect children’s hearing. Featuring closed ear cups to block out background noise these headphones offer good sound quality at lower volumes. The headband is expandable to allow children of all ages to wear them.

Or forget the headphones altogether – the wires only stop you dancing anyway – and enjoy your favourite sounds with the L429 TV Soundbox. Don’t be fooled by the name; this portable wireless speaker works perfectly with MP3 players and radios too, not just the TV.


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