Music is the Food of Love

Love is in the air. The airwaves actually, as romantic films and music play a backdrop to this week’s Valentine’s Day.

But spare a thought for those that are deaf or hard of hearing; not only do they miss out on music, they can often feel socially isolated and even lonely.

Understanding and support from loved ones is essential to those without perfect hearing, but also from society in general. Many deaf people state that ‘it’s easier to stay in’ than venture out into wider world where difficulties around hearing and making oneself understood abound. While those recently diagnosed or realising that their hearing is impaired speak of a ‘shrinking world’.

Often it’s loved ones who first recognise that their friend or family member has a hearing issue, so what better gift can there be this Valentine’s Day than the gift of improved hearing? And while there is currently no cure for deafness Action on Hearing Loss, the UK’s leading deaf, hearing loss and tinnitus charity, is constantly researching, at world class level, to find one. Until then, they have a plethora of aids and products to help everyone enjoy this Valentine’s Day.

The wireless TV Listener M496 CL7400 is perfect for a couple where one can hear better than the other, as volume can be higher for the one who is hard of hearing, while the close cup earphone prevents sound leakage. There’s also a version (TV Listener: L418 CL7150) to suit a pair of love birds who are both hard of hearing. And you’ll never have to argue – who wants to argue on Valentine’s Day? – as there’s room to charge both headsets simultaneously.


TV Listener L418-cl7150

If it’s sweet nothings you want to hear (well, they are traditionally whispered) the Listener: L383 Bellman Domino Pro is a complete listening solution that enables the user to hear entire conversations in one-to-one or group settings, and even still hear the TV or your favourite love song playing. Couple with the Bellman alerting system add on: B9250 mobile phone sensor for mobile phones and with the sensor function you’ll never miss a call or text from your amour.

Who needs chocolate’s and flowers? The best gift of all is hearing those three all-important little words.


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