Stoptober: Would you love a smoke free kiss?

Are you thinking about giving up smoking this October? You’re not alone.

According to recent research from Boots UK, more than 52,000 people across the nation are going to try and put away their cigarettes for good this month – and many could be doing so for the sake of romance. More than a third of the smokers questioned (40%) believed that giving up the habit could increase their chances of finding love.

The study also found that over half of the smokers questioned (53%) couldn’t remember the last time they enjoyed a smoke free kiss. Even more tellingly, nearly one in five (19%) said that they had avoided kissing someone because they were conscious of being a smoker.

Looking forward to fresher breath

Not only does smoking cause bad breath, it can also stain your teeth and irritate your gums. It’s a huge contributor to potentially very unpleasant conditions like serious gum disease and can even lessen your sense of taste – meaning you’re less likely to be able to enjoy a romantic dinner date even if you’re able to find a willing romantic partner.

Research also found that nearly two thirds of smokers, an amazing 61%, said that giving up smoking was one of their lifetime ambitions. If you’re ready to enjoy a smoke free life, you’ll find there is a lot of help available to you. Turn to your local pharmacy or make an appointment with your GP to find out more about the patches, lozenges and nicotine replacement therapies that could help you wean yourself off cigarettes.

Stubbing out your cigarette 

There are also a few simple lifestyle changes you can make that should hopefully aid your attempts to give up smoking. Start by thinking positively and consider changing your diet and drinking habits at the same time – this can help you get into a new routine and make it less likely that you’ll slip off the wagon.

Keep your mouth busy, whether with nicotine replacement therapies or simply with gum or a bottle of water, and make a list of your reasons for quitting. Whenever you’re having a bad day, look at your list and remind yourself why you’re making the change – whether it’s to help you find love or simply to be able to enjoy a smoke free kiss.

Have you ever tried to quit smoking? What are your top tips?

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