Baldness cures!

Type “Baldness Cures” into Google and you will get 4,750,000 results!  Whoever invents the cure for baldness will make a serious amount of money. the “baldness” industry is worth approximatly $1 billion in the USA alone and is growing.

Most men experience male patten baldness as they get older with 70% of men aged 80 having some hair loss. Men typically start to loose hair after age about 50 although some do go bald a lot younger. In the 1970s and 80’s men who were balding would have “comb overs” or try and comb their hair forwards to disguise the baldness but in the last decade many men have just resorted to curring their hair very short or like Bruce Willis the Hollywood actor has done having a total shaved head.

Indeed some of our most famous celebraties are bald and look great, Sir Shaun Connery, Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ben Kingsley to name but three over 50 actors.

But many men still look for a cure and as demonstrated by the Google search there are many reputed remedies and cures. One old wives tale advised men with baldness to have their head repeatedly licked by a cow. This may have been practical years ago in Merrie Olde England but would be a bit impractical now for businessmen! In Victorian times treatment of vigorously rubbing tea and lemon juice into the scalp was advised which must have been quite interesting!

There seems to be only two reputed solutions. One is very expensive which is to remove hair from the side and back of the scalp and “weave” it into the bald part affected. Wayne Rooney had this treatment and so did the former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlesconi but it can cost over £30,000 so unless you are very rich or very desperate this is a very expensive option. The other is to use a product called Regaine, however when I talked to my doctor about it some years ago he said 33% of men don’t see any effect, 33% grow some hair back but 33% loose hair!  Needless to say I didn’t try that out!

There are a number of laboratories globally searching for a cure and a few have announced in that we may only be two years away from a cure. In June Dr Bruno Bernard of L’Oreal in France said that his team have discovered that thinning hair is due to the follicles becoming in a “dormant” phase and this is to do with the levels of oxygen around the cells. If these cells can be focused on then maybe the follicles can be “awakened” and the hair will start to grow again.


What’s your view? Are you bald or do you know somone who is?



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