Christmas Adverts: Best thing on the box?

The battle of the festive TV ad campaigns started this weekend and we think they make essential Christmas viewing!

We’ve brought together the best and picked out our favourite Silverhairs moment – but which commercial is top of your Christmas list?


The message: Give gifts that keep on giving

Inspiring women and their friends and family across the country to give thoughtful gifts that make a difference.

Silverhairs Xmas Factor: when grandpa gets his toenails painted.



The message: Giving more this Christimas

Instead of paying for a fancy TV ad, Waitrose has created a pared down commercial and donated the money to their Community Matters ‘green token’ scheme. Not glamourous, but certainly effective.

Silverhairs Xmas Factor: Delia Smith stars alongside Heston Bluementhal (both of whom waived their fees for the advert).



The message: The greatest hits this Christmas

Uplifting musical extravaganza with a ‘something for everyone’ approach that targets its female shoppers.

Silverhairs Xmas Factor: Celebrating its more mature customers with a grey-haired and very fabulous fashion model in the cast.



The message: Give a little more love this Christmas

One snowman’s epic quest, shot on location in New Zealand by the way, to buy a Christmas present for the snowlady in his life.

Silverhairs Xmas Factor: No senior stars – but then Snowmen are ageless, right?



Message: Behind every great Christmas there’s mum

Recognising the hardworking mums who make Christmas happen.

Silverhairs Xmas Factor: Grandad, asleep in the chair in front of the TV (does that remind you of anyone you know?!).



Message: Christmas Made Fabulous

Taking you on a festive and fabulous Christmas journey and even featuring woman who can run through snow in high heels. Now that’s impressive.

Silverhairs Xmas Factor: The very dapper gentleman who dances in the brass band scene.

PS If you like this ad, check out the ‘making of’ video – it’s even better!  Click the picture below and follow the link ….

So which commercial is top of your Christmas list?




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