Embrace Hygge this winter

The Danish art of cosiness has landed on British shores – but what exactly is “Hygge”, and how do we achieve it?  

Loosely translated, Hygge means cosiness, and it’s all about the art of creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying life’s simplest pleasures with the people around you.

From dinner with friends to reading a good book by the fire, Hygge encourages us to slow down, notice and appreciate the little things in life.

Winter is the perfect time to embrace it – Danish winters are known to be long and dark, and that’s when it’s time to wrap up and get cosy.

In stressful times, it’s no wonder the idea appeals. Here are a few ways you can embrace Hygge this winter…

Invest in candles

Scandinavian countries are the largest consumers of candles in the world per capita – the warming glow of candlelight is perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere at home and making the most of the winter nights. Create your own rustic escape from the winter by lighting candles around your living room to set the tone. 

Look at your loungewear

Our stay-at-home clothes aren’t typically where we spend our budget when it comes to shopping, but investing in a few high quality essentials can pay dividends when it comes to relaxing at home.  A furry pair of slippers, cashmere sweater or jersey trackies help put you in the right mindset to relax and enjoy a moment of quiet.

Take tea with friends

Hygge is best enjoyed with family and friends. On winter days, the Danes love to get together for tea and coffee with friends and enjoy some cake and conversation.

Bundle up

There’s something refreshing about being out in the cold when you’re bundled up warm – wrap up in a wool or cashmere scarf, gloves and hat and take a winter walk through your local park or countryside.

Try warming foods

Comfort foods like porridge, stew and soup are as warming to the soul as they are to the belly. Take some time to prepare some porridge in the morning and add extras like milk, cream, brown sugar, berries and nuts.

Light a fire

Sitting fireside is a great way to warm up and get cosy at home – try curling up with a good book or just sitting quietly and enjoying the sound of crackling. 

Take a long bath

A bath is another everyday pleasure that can help you embrace the spirit of Hygge. Why not indulge in some luxurious bubble bath to make the experience even more enjoyable?


Have you ever heard of Hygge? How do you like to stay cosy in winter?

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