Christmas gifts for your adult children

Buying for your adult children can be difficult as they get older and their tastes change it can become a more daunting prospect.

Whether your children are just finishing up university or have been living away from home for several years, we’ve got some great gift ideas to impress your children even after they’re all grown up.

ChromecastThis simple gadget slots into the back of your TV allowing you to wirelessly stream the images from your laptop, tablet, or smart phone immediately onto your television screen. The Chromecast is simple to install and only requires a WI-FI connection and an HDMI supported television. It’s a useful little device that can turn an older television into a more modern internet enabled machine and at £30 is a perfect gift for those without a Smart TV.

Find it at Amazon for £30

The Recipe WheelRosie Ramsden’s debut is a cookbook with a difference, instead of listing an index of meals the recipe wheel is more akin to a mind map for the palette. After choosing one main recipe and placing it at the centre of the wheel you simply follow the branches that lead you towards new and unexpected choices. Ramsden’s artistic background adds greatly to the feel of the book. Her swirling diagrams and almost doodle-like designs give this wonderfully simple concept a whimsical sense of style, making The Recipe Wheel not only a useful gift but a beautiful one too.

Find it at The Book People for £15.19

Makeup KitThis Laura Mercier gift set offers everything you need to create a glamorous party look in one go and is versatile enough to work with different styles and skin tones. The advantage of kits like this is each item is designed to look good together so you won’t have to worry about any makeup mishaps and can simply enjoy getting glammed up.

Find it at John Lewis for £25

Plant Theatre Funky Veg Kit – From purple carrots to striped tomatoes, the funky veg kit is perfect for the amateur gardener. Coming complete with 5 sets of seeds, 5 pots and peat, nothing else is needed to help you flex your green, or any other coloured, thumb. Or, for the drinks connoseur, there’s the Grow Your Own Cocktail Garden kit. Coming with a variety of seeds including cucamelon, lemon basil and blue borage the only thing they’ll need to add is the booze!

Find both at Plant Theatre for £13.50

Coco Mademoiselle PerfumeChanel’s iconic Coco Mademoiselle perfume is a light, fresh and floral fragrance that’s perfect for under the tree. Cologne or perfume in general is a great gift for adult children because it’s a more luxurious gift and not something people often indulge in themselves.

Find Coco Mademoiselle at John Lewis for £67.50

The Smoking Gun from PolyscienceSeen as an alternative to more traditional food smoking methods and promising to deliver in less than 5 minutes, The Smoking Gun is a small device that claims to be the easiest way of adding big flavour to your chosen meals or cocktail creations. The set comes with two ½ ounce sample jars with many other flavours available online. The Smoking Gun does not penetrate the food enough that it will replace traditional smokers, but it is a quick and fun way of adding a new spin to your menu and certainly an interesting talking point around the dinner table!

Find it at Amazon for £63.99

LuggageLuggage is expensive and the sort of gift that can be used for years. A lightweight suitcase is perfect for avid travellers, and for commuters something like this Herschel Retreat Backpack is stylish and can fit everything you need for an overnight stay, workout or trip to and from the office.

Find it at ASOS for £65

Zepp Golf 3D Swing AnalyserA little bit more expensive but a great present for the budding golfer is the Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyser. The set comes with a small sensor that attaches to your glove and an app to install onto your smart phone or tablet. The sensor monitors your body position and other variables as you swing, using 3D images to give you instant feedback on what you’re doing wrong and how you could improve. At £129.99 it isn’t cheapest product but if you’ve got a little bit extra to spend and a golfer that might need a bit of the help the Zepp could be the perfect gift.

Find it at Amazon for £129.99

Go ProThe GoPro video camera is a small, lightweight camera that allows you to take video for nearly every activity. It’s wearable, mountable and waterproof – whether running, swimming, hiking, climbing or anything inbetween, the GoPro captures professional-quality video with resolutions up to 1080p.

Find it at John Lewis for £199.95

Eyemask Simple yet effective, an eyemask is a great travel partner or aid to better relaxation and sleep at home. Made from linen and hand-printed, the eyemask is a perfect pick for the person who already has everything and is always on the move.

Find it at Not on the High Street for £12.95

What are your best gift ideas for adult children?


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