Easy stocking stuffers

Putting together the perfect stocking is all about picking small gifts that make a big impact. Luckily, good things come in small packages.

Christmas shopping season is in high gear, and the last thing you want to do is hit the shops without a plan. Instead, check out these easy stocking filler ideas for all ages.


  • Sweet treat: Bear Pure Fruit Yoyos (£2.29) — These gummy fruit roll-ups are both tasty and toddler-friendly thanks to their 100% natural ingredients and no added sugars.
  • Just for fun: Play-Doh (£3.99) — Ooh, there’s nothing quite like a fresh pot of colourful Play-Doh! This classic childhood toy never goes out of style and actually suits quite a large age range.
  • Perfectly practical: Cosy Christmas jammies (£12) — You can’t go wrong with a set of flannel or fleece pyjamas. And since they’re toddler-sized, you’ll have no problem squeezing them into a stocking.
  • Big ticket item: My Ukulele Set (£24.99) — This miniature ukulele from Star Maker proves you’re never too young to rock out! (Hint: stick it in the stocking handle-first)

Primary school kids

  • Sweet treat: Kinder Happy Hippo (£7.49) — These hippo-shaped hazelnut chocolate biscuits aren’t only finger-licking good, but they’re also super cute (while they last!). Kids love them, but most adults wouldn’t turn one down either.
  • Just for fun: Glow In The Dark Slime (£2) — It’s green. It’s gooey. It glows in the dark. What’s not to love? Think back to when you were a schoolkid and admit it, you would have died to get your hands on a jar of slime like this one from Hawkin’s Bazaar.
  • Perfectly practical: Personalised Pencil Set (£8.50) — A fresh set of personalised pencils will certainly make the transition back to school after the winter holidays a bit easier.
  • Big ticket item: VTech KiddiZoom Smart Watch (£34.99)— A trendy toy for 2014, this wearable gadget allows you to take photos and videos, record your voice, play games and lots more. It’s the kid version of the Apple Watch(only much cheaper).


  • Sweet treat: Super Sour Fizz Balls (£2.95) — Teens can’t resist challenging their taste buds with these incredibly sour sweeties. After a while, they turn from sour to sweet—but you certainly have to earn it!
  • Just for fun: ‘Grow Your Own Pizza’ Kit (£11.75) — In addition to soil and a pot for planting, this DIY gardening set comes with tomato, pepper and basil seeds, which combined make the perfect pizza toppings.
  • Perfectly practical: Retro-style beanie (for him | for her)  (£9) — These ‘throwback’ knit caps will come in handy during Britain’s lingering winter. The vintage style is also very fashionable at the moment.
  • Big ticket item: Chromecast  (£30) — This trendy gadget may only be two inches wide, but it represents an endless amount of entertainment. It’s designed to plug into your TV and connect to your wireless Internet, allowing you to watch videos and TV shows (from Netflix, YouTube, HBO GO and several other entertainment providers) on the big screen.


  • Sweet treat: Salted caramel chocolate puddles (£5.50) — Perfect for those with slightly more sophisticated palates, these salty, chocolate ‘puddles’ from Hotel Chocolat are simply divine.
  • Just for fun: Rubik’s Cube (£8.49) — An absolute classic, this iconic brainteaser is an instant Christmas morning conversation starter. It’s a great way to reclaim the joys (and frustrations!) of childhood.
  • Perfectly practical: ‘Gym and Tonic’ tote bag (£14.75) — When rolled up, this clever cotton bag fits nicely in a stocking and makes for a great gym, grocery or general all-purpose carrier. It’s particularly useful considering the mandatory charge for plastic shopping bags that’s already in effect in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and soon to be rolled out in England too.
  • Big ticket item: Fitbit Zip (£44.99) — This wearable, wireless activity tracker takes note of how many steps you take, the distance you travel and the calories you burn. It’s perfect for anyone who likes to exercise or who is just getting into working out.

What are your stocking filler ideas?



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