Find Gift Ideas In The Secret Language of Flowers

The search for a gift for that special person can be frustrating, especially if we’ve limited time or mobility. Some simple ideas for meaningful gifts can be found in the secret ‘Language of Flowers’.

Flowers have held meaning for us for thousands of years, but did you know that the Victorians wrote flower dictionaries? They turned flower meanings into a secret code known as the Language of Flowers or ‘Floriography’. Each flower symbolises an emotion or message that could be hidden in a bouquet or work of art.

Victorians artists like the Pre-Raphaelites used the language of flowers in their work. Look closely at their paintings and you’ll find white lilies, symbolising devotion and motherhood, and irises, meaning faith and wisdom, alongside many other coded blooms.

Today, British designer Jane Vanroe is one of a new generation using the language of flowers. Jane makes gift compact mirrors through her companyVanroe, and turns to the language of flowers for her inspiration.

“The Language of Flowers is so popular as it’s a simple way to say something important”, Jane explains. “Women of all ages love the romance of a secret message in a beautiful flower.”

“My compact mirrors are given as keepsakes so it is especially important that they hold meaning. I use flowers in all my designs and share their symbolism.”

Vanroe forget me not compact mirror gift

Vanroe forget me not compact mirror gift

“Customers love my daisy design as the flower symbolises ‘love and beauty’. Forget-me-nots are also popular as they mean ‘you are in my thoughts’.”

“In fact forget-me-nots took their name from a poem called “The Keepsake”, written by the Romantic poet, Coleridge. Its association with lasting love makes the flower a favourite for anniversaries. Forget-me-nots are short-lived flowers so customers give my forget-me-not compact mirror as a lasting gift.”

Vanroe daisy gift compact mirror

Vanroe daisy gift compact mirror

More ideas for gifts from the language of flowers are flower-scented soaps or candles, framed flower illustrations, and live plants or bulbs for the garden.

We reveal the secret language of popular flowers below. Do you know of any other meanings for your favourites?

Forget-me-not – ‘you are in my thoughts’, lasting love

Magnolia – new life, new beginnings, longevity

White Lily – devotion, motherhood, purity

Iris – wisdom, faith, hope

Tulips – perfect love, true love (red tulips), forgiveness (white tulips)

Red roses – ‘I love you’, romantic love, unconditional love

Pink roses – admiration, appreciation, gratitude

Wild roses – secret shared, secret love, knowledge

Daisy – love, beauty, friendship

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