Finding your long-lost family

We all have questions about our family and our past. TV shows like Long Lost Family appeal to that curiosity and compel us to find answers. Other people have much more than curiosity, they have a deep longing to find a lost relative or friend. 

There are companies out there to help you get answers and we’re going to look at two today.

FinderMonkey and its sister company Joanna North Associates.

Over more than 10 years both have specialised in finding lost relatives and arranging contact via their intermediary work.

So why two companies doing the same job?

Well, FinderMonkey specialises in tracing and contacting relatives. Joanna North Associates does the same but where adoption is involved. Joanna North Associates is Ofsted Registered, this is because adoption work is regulated by Ofsted. Their standards are rated as ‘Outstanding’.

Dr Joanna North and Head Researcher David Oates support both organisations. This means both organisations provide the same standards of support and care.

“We offer the most in-depth tracing coupled with lots of support for both our client and their relative.” says Dr North. “We take safeguarding and ethical standards seriously to protect our all parties”.

What we love about both FinderMonkey, and Joanna North Associates is the level of care they provide people. They are not just tracing agents but something much more in depth and professional. They have some amazing reviews too. FinderMonkey has over 730 TrustPilot reviews and a hugely impressive score of 4.8/5. Joanna North Associates over 40 reviews and 4.8/5.

David Oates, Head Researcher said, “We provide many services including worldwide tracing, building family trees, DNA Tracing, adoption tracing and much more. Once we’ve done this work, we can offer counselling and intermediary support if its needed”

FinderMonkey also find lost friends, and this makes up a large part of their business. This is especially popular with older people looking for friends from many years ago to catch up and see how life has gone.

Sue Harrison Intermediary Specialist at FinderMonkey with a happy client after being reunited with his daughter

David continues, “Our clients are usually over 50 years old and understand the value of reconnecting with lost friends and family. They use our services to meet people, to catch up, to get answers and to feel complete. We understand all these reasons and encourage anyone who is interested to get in touch.”

This is a quality service, and the work is carried out by professional people. If you‘d like to know more about finding your lost relative or old friend, then call 0113 2825900. You can speak to a trained consultant who can explain all services and provide an accurate price tailored to your needs.

Visit FinderMonkey here


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