Five great tech gifts for this Christmas

With so many new and varied technological devices popping up before Christmas, it’s not easy to find the perfect tech gift, particularly if your loved one already has plenty of tech devices in their life.

But these five below are great options and would be a welcome addition to any gadget enthusiast’s collection.

Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Tracker & Sleep Wristband

Monitoring your general fitness has never been easier according to the Fitbit Activity Tracker. Attached to your wrist and able to record how many steps you take, calories you burn and even able to create a record on your sleeping habits, it’s a great tool for charting your fitness progress.

The Fitbit wirelessly relays all of your information to the app connected to your tablet or smart phone, allowing you to view all your fitness data and giving you the information needed to set your own goals and challenges.

Starting from £94.99 at Amazon

Kindlefire HD 7

The tablet computer has quickly become a staple in many households, more convenient than a laptop and easy to carry on the move, there are lots of merits to owning a tablet.

Be it playing games, surfing the net or reading a book, it’s easy to find a use, no matter your interest. There is however a huge diversity in models and prices and it can be tricky to find the right product.

The Kindlefire is a great way of introducing yourself to the world of tablets. Inexpensive, simple to use and with a sharp and crisp display, it has a lot of positives. It sadly doesn’t have access to as many apps and options as more expensive machines; but it does do all of the basic functions very well.

£99.00 at Amazon

Logitech Harmony Touch

As our entertainment systems grow, so do the number of remotes we need to operate them. Able to connect your TV, cable box, stereo and any other remote controlled device found in your home, The Harmony is the ultimate universal remote.

Easy to program and simple to use via its clean user interface and bright LCD screen, the Harmony is the perfect gift for the person who is always searching for the remote.

£96.64 at Currys


The Waterpebble looks at first to be a novelty gadget but on further inspection it is a great tool for water conservation, potentially saving you money while doing a small part for the environment.

This small plastic disc sits at the bottom of your shower, measuring your water consumption and memorising the data. When you return for your next shower, the device flashes green until it believes enough water has been used and then switches to red, recommending that you exit. As time passes the green light lasts for shorter intervals, aiming to create the most economical showering trip.

£10.99 at Amazon

WD My Passport Ultra

As the years pass our dependency on computer’s grow, we commonly now create and store our photographs and video recordings on our PCs. This can be a great way to catalogue and preserve this information but we run the risk of losing all of these memories if our computer decides to breakdown.

To prepare for this, you should really backup your files on a portable hard drive such as The WD My Passport Ultra. This hard drive can hold up to one Terabyte of data, equal to 1024 gigabytes, which should be more than enough for the average computer user.

It may not seem the flashiest gift but it is an important tool for anyone who wants to make sure they never lose their important files, photographs and data.

£44.99 at John Lewis

Do you have any great tech gift ideas?



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