Getting creative with your grandchildren

Get your grandchildren engaged, feed their minds and awaken your own creative urges with some great activities you can share.

We’ve put together a list of games and crafts you can do with your grandchildren to promote imagination, creativity and play so you’ll always have a fun activity to hand.

Craft three little pigs’ noses

Add some extra fun to this classic story by crafting cute noses to go with the characters. All you need are some toilet roll holders, elastic or string, coloured felt and a black marker pen. See a simple step-by-step guide and you can make some simple masks together to give the story an extra layer of fun.

Make your own fog

Pretend you’re both in a scary movie or make believe you’re a scientist about to create the perfect invention by making your own fog. All you need is a bottle, some hot water, rubbing alcohol and some ice. Fill the bottle with one-third hot water, add a few drop of alcohol then put the ice at the top of the bottle and watch the fog form.

Write a marvellous story

Test your imagination and see what funny directions you take with this fun story game. Take it in turns to make up one sentence of a story, switching every time. You might be surprised about where you end up! Record yourself as you tell your story and then you can listen back to the best ones and write them down and ask your grandchildren to draw illustrations so you can enjoy them all over again.

Make a video

Use a smartphone or digital camera to film your very own movie. You could make a stop frame animation using your grandchild’s favourite toys or drawings, write a script and see how your acting skills measure up, or set up the camera and the kitchen and record your own version of a cookery show. Send the result round the family so that everyone can share the fun.

Create some slime

Keep kids entertained for hours by helping them make some slime, ideal for sensory play and fun imagination games. Start by mixing half a cup of PVA glue with half a cup of water, add a few drops of food colouring of some glitter, then add half a cup of liquid starch and mix with a spoon until it starts to solidify. Finish off mixing by hand and start playing.

Play online games together

Have fun online with some of the most exciting – and educational – games around. Try out fun games like Math Blaster to boost their skills with sums or check out the puzzles on Webkinz, both are particularly great for children aged three to 12. You may find that with some online games, your grandchildren are able to pick up the controls more quickly than you are. If that’s the case, ask them to teach you – they’ll love being the one explaining things for a change!

What’s your favourite way to spend an afternoon with your grandkids?

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