Gifts for frequent flyers

Know someone who loves to travel? Give them a gift they’ll love this Christmas with our pick of the best travel-inspired gifts for frequent flyers.

From practical purchases to little luxuries, these gifts are sure to delight the globe trotter in your life and make even the longest travel days feel smooth and easy.

Noise cancelling headphones



Particularly for anyone who regularly flies for work or travels long distances, noise cancelling headphones can provide a much-needed sense of quiet, calm and personal privacy. Headphones range in price, but for a decent pair expect to spend around £100. Some of the best on the market are made by Bose, whose newly released QuietComfort range reduce noise by absorbing sounds around you and providing a comfortable around-the-ear fit that can be worn for several hours. Though the top of the range model are pricey, for anyone who flies regularly these are well worth the investment.

Find the Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones on Amazon for £229

Travel pillow


For long journeys, the humble travel pillow is an excellent travel companion for all. There are literally hundreds on the market, but the best ones will be soft, durable and support your neck for a range of sleeping positions. Priced under £20, the J-Pillow is a great choice. The uniquely shaped pillow is the winner of the 2013 British Invention of the Year and comfortably fits around your neck making it easy to sleep leaning sideways.

Find the J-Pillow on Amazon for £18.95

Carry on suitcase


Luggage might not seem the most exciting of gifts, but a great carry-on suitcase is indispensable to any traveller. Though specific dimensions vary airline to airline, most carry on cases are permitted at around 55 x 40 x 20 cm. To make life easier retailers offer a carry on sized suitcase that meets these requirements. A lightweight, hard-shelled suitcase is perfect for frequent travellers because it’s spacious without being too heavy and durable enough to keep up with life on the move. Look for one with 4 wheels that can rotate fully in a tight circle, making it easy to drag from gate to gate.

Find a lightweight cabin suitcase from the Tripp website for £45

Amazon Kindle


Perfect for long commutes, flight delays and days at the beach, eReaders like the Amazon Kindle make it possible to bring your entire library with you on the go. Lightweight, easy to use and with excellent battery life, with the Kindle makes you can get lost in a good book without needing to carry it around.

Find the Kindle on Amazon for £56.99

Clear Washbag


A clear wash bag set makes packing and travelling through airport security a breeze; you can see what you’ve packed at a glance and put together your carry-on toiletries in the smallest pouch so they’re ready to go when you arrive at the airport. Inexpensive and practical, this is the gift every traveller needs but always forgets to buy. Make it even more thoughtful by filling it with some travel-sized essentials from Boots, or if you want to go the luxury route, Space NK.

Find a 3-Piece Washing Bag set for £6.50 from M&S


Do you have any great gift ideas for frequent flyers?

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