Host a quiet New Year’s Eve party at home

Sometimes staying in is just as exciting as going out, and few nights of the year is that more true than New Year’s Eve.

On a night when cities are packed with partygoers and bars and restaurants are at capacity, spending an evening with a few friends or family members without ever leaving home is more appealing than ever.

If you’re staying in, here’s a few ways to still make it special:

  • Cook a feast: Food is a huge part of any social gathering, and preparing a feast is the simplest way to make the night feel special and out of the ordinary. Instead of your usual go-to meals, pick a recipe from a cookbook or try a cuisine you don’t usually eat.
  • Or order in: If your home was buzzing with visitors over Christmas, cooking and entertaining might be the last thing on your mind on New Year’s Eve. Why not order in? Chinese and Indian takeaways can be a fun change and an easy way to avoid turning the oven on.
  • Set the table: Light some candles, set the table and bring out your best china; decorating helps the evening feel like a special occasion.
  • Play some games: Old fashioned games like charades and Pictionary are great fun in a group and simple to organise. Board games like Articulate and Monopoly can also be a source of entertainment and a change from the usual evening routine of sitting in front of the TV.
  • Watch a classic film: If all you want to do is relax, choose a classic film to put on and enjoy. It’s A Wonderful Life, Trading Places, When Harry Met Sally and Boogie Nights are just a handful of films that are perfect for New Year’s Eve.
  • Reflect on the year: Reflecting on the year behind and setting resolutions for the year ahead is a big part of New Year’s Eve and a great opportunity for some interesting discussions with family and friends, or some quiet reflection on your own. Consider printing up a list of conversation starters that prompt discussion. Questions like: what did you learn last year, what were your most challenging moments, what were your most rewarding moments? This is also a great time to set a resolution for the new year and announce it to each other – working together helps keep everyone accountable.
  • Light sparklers: Lighting sparklers indoors or fireworks out in the back garden is a great activity when the clock strikes midnight and a way to capture some of the magic you might have enjoyed going out in the city. If you have young children with you or want to stay indoors, stick with sparklers. You could even consider organising a small fireworks display with a few neighbours in your area who will also be home on New Year’s Eve.

What are your plans for New Year’s Eve?

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