Valentine’s Day Dates

Whether you’ve been together for thirty years or three, you can inject a bit of romance into your Valentine’s Day with our dreamy date ideas.

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner we have some great ideas for romantic dates to help you enjoy a little quality time together, ranging from the fuss-free all the way to the extravagant.

Get Relaxed

Make Valentine’s Day a stress free date with some relaxing activities.

  • – Book yourselves in for a spa day together, with a couples massages
  • – Order takeaway food from your favourite restaurant and watch a film from the comfort of your own couch
  • – Take the day off work and do things you enjoy together, away from the worries of everyday life, making sure that neither of you has to cook, do the dishes, or do the washing

Get Creative

Trying something new together can be a wonderful thing to do on Valentine’s Day. Why not try:

  • – A cookery workshop – you could then cook the meal together for a future date night
  • – A dance class – you might end up attending regularly together if you enjoy it!
  • – A photography lesson – use what you learn to take snaps of your loved ones

Get Adventurous

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, especially if you’re doing something your partner has always wanted to do, can be exhilarating and make a great thing to do on Valentine’s Day.

  • – Try doing one thing you like, followed by one thing your partner likes – such as going to the cinema and then going ten pin bowling
  • – Try ticking off a mutual ‘bucket list’ item – like bungee jumping, whale watching, or even visiting a local attraction that you’ve always wanted to see
  • – Plan and book your next holiday – make Valentine’s Day a date to set exciting plans for the year ahead

Get Nostalgic

Recreating your first date on Valentine’s Day can be a very romantic way to spend the day with your partner.

  • – If you went to see a film you could either go to the cinema together to see something new, or watch the same film on DVD or online
  • – If you went for a meal, either go back to the same restaurant or recreate the meal together at home
  • – If you went to a concert, you could see if the band or style of music is on anywhere local. If not, then buy a CD of the songs performed, get some nice food and drink in, and enjoy the music at home
  • – If you were introduced by friends, then invite the friends over for a meal with you and chat about old times and what’s in store for your future

Get Away

If you want a more extravagant on Valentine’s Day, there’s still time to plan a quick getaway together.

  • – You could look up last minute deals and head to a romantic city like Paris or Venice
  • – Look closer to home – places like the Lake District, Cotswolds, Edinburgh and York make great short break destinations for romantics
  • – If a full weekend or night away is too expensive, then plan a day in the countryside or a local city, followed by a meal out at a nice restaurant

Whatever you do, think of going somewhere where cosy you can snuggle up together, stroll arm in arm, and relax with a good meal and fine wine.

What’s your perfect Valentine’s Day date?

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