5 reasons why you need more than one pair of slippers

Different climates, occasions and moods call for different styles of slippers.

Luxury premium footwear brand company mahabis make multiple styles of slippers for a reason. These global footwear experts work round the clock, researching the potential of (innovative) new shapes, materials and colours to provide the world’s feet with extremely, seriously luxuriously comfortable slippers. From the warm, versatile mahabis classic designed for all-day, everywhere to the mahabis breathe, a beautifully lightweight option for warmer months, there really is a style to suit and elevate your every day.

One for summer

Who knew you could even wear slippers in summer? Well, you can when they are super lightweight and breathable. mahabis breathe are made from plant-based fibres that are gentle on the skin and long-lasting. There’s also a moisture absorbent cork footbed so you don’t have to bother with socks. Should you decide to head out for a morning coffee, take a sunset stroll or simply relax at home, these slippers will be your go-to this summer. Simply slip on, breathe in, and breathe out.

One for gardening


Spending time in the garden is one of life’s great joys. Especially during the summer when brighter and longer days allow for more time outdoors. Great news for gardening enthusiasts. Whether you’re a beginner or expert mahabis canvas can ensure you’re comfort levels are maxed when taking part in green-fingered activities. The reason why they work so well in the garden is firstly the sole, which is made from natural, responsibly sourced rubber and reaches and extends over the more vulnerable toe area of the shoe. Secondly, by using organic wool from Italy, the canvas regulates the temperature of your feet. And third, the woven upper, made from 100% cotton, has a stain and water-resistant wax finish. They’re also machine washable if they get covered in soil. see? Perfect for gardening.

One for winter

In chilly temperatures, our feet can really suffer. Giving them a little love and attention can boost our overall wellbeing, making us feel more relaxed throughout the day. mahabis classic are the perfect option for cooler months. Designed for all-day, everywhere this beautifully crafted footwear provides multiple layers of comfort. The premium felt upper gently compresses tired feet while the luxuriously soft 100% wool lining regulates temperature. Check out our all-time best-selling colour style in skane yellow and bring a little sunshine into your home.

Well, two for winter

No one can have too many pairs of dreamy slippers for winter. Especially if they have minimal environmental impact. During cooler mornings and darker evenings, mahabis curve will be your best friend. Available in nine vibrant colours this style is flexible, hardwearing and machine washable. Beyond this, they’re made from premium recycled wool and have a fixed sole made from responsibly sourced rubber. They also arrive in beautiful eco-friendly packaging, as do all our slippers. This forms a part of our goal to work towards a more sustainable future.

One for special occasions

Trust us on this one. Slippers can be worn to special occasions. Particularly mahabis’ curve editions. Available in a super fun array of patterns and extremely luxurious materials, this footwear range will not only look good but feel good too. Now that we’re beginning to socialise and integrate more try our curve animal print, which has a sophisticated pattern and boasts all the benefits of the mahabis curve including organic wool from Italy. And then there’s our limited edition mahabis alcantara, again made in the curve shape but with an extra dose of lux in the form of alcantara, a cutting-edge material that’s proudly 100% Italian made, and features on products of world-leading luxury brands.

There truly is a pair of slippers/ mahabis for every climate, occasion and mood.

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