Cheat thicker looking hair

Thin, limp hair can be an unfortunate by-product of ageing for many women.

And while we can’t fight nature, there are plenty of things you can do to help give flat or thinning hair more body and shine.

Today we’re sharing some simple tips and tricks that are easy to adopt into your routine to help hair look fuller at any age.

  1. Use dry shampoo before bed
    Dry shampoo is a hugely popular product with women of all ages and one that can help extend the life of a blow dry by one or two days. If you have longer hair, try spritzing your hair with some dry shampoo before bed and trying up loosely with a scrunchie or Invisibobble hair elastics. Come the next morning, hair will look clean and full. If you have shorter hair, dry shampoo can also be a great tool for you right after styling. Spray on clean hair to add texture and lift.
  2. Thickening shampoo
    Thickening shampoo is another simple way to help hair appear thicker, and there are a number of good options available at different price points. L’Oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo is inexpensive and effective and will help hair look fuller straight away because it coats the hair using filloxane. Bumble and Bumble’s new Full Potential shampoo, conditioner and treatment system is also excellent, helping to reduce hair loss and breakage and make hair fuller over time. It’s a more expensive option, but one that already has a cult following.
  3. Try mousse
    If your hair tends to fall flat in the middle of the day, try mousse Using a styling product like mousse can help thicken hair and hold style and body for longer. It doesn’t need to be expensive; Boots’ Essential Mousse is a bestseller and sold for just £1.49.
  4. Dry upside down
    Tip your head upside down next time you use a blowdryer to help stimulate the roots of the hair and make it look fuller once you’re finished drying. Paired with mousse, it can help give you seriously bigger looking hair.
  5. Add a hairpiece
    Long used by Hollywood makeup artists and celebrities, hair pieces have become more affordable to the average woman and a quick, simple solution to cheat thicker hair. Most clip-in easily under a layer of hair and blend seamlessly with your existing hair to give you bigger hair throughout the day. A good-quality set will last a lifetime – with proper maintenance you can use them again and again. You can also get semi-permanent hair extensions put in at your local hairdresser – hair is treated and dyed to match your colour and then woven into your hairline. The advantage here is once in they can stay in place for several months at a time with minimal maintenance.
  6. Disguise roots
    Particularly with light or blonde hair, thinning hair can give the impression of a balding crown. If you have white roots growing in or can see quite a bit of scalp around your hair parting, Root concealers work well here – they can be quickly and easily be applied once hair is finished styling to disguise roots and give the appearance of a fuller hairline at the scalp. They’re simple too; simply dust in and then wash out after use.

Do you have any tips to help give the appearance of fuller looking hair?

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