Get dressed easier with these fashion fixes

Getting dressed up can be frustrating if a favourite item breaks, or doesn’t fit properly, or worse, comes undone when you are out. But who says you need to choose between comfort and fashion?

We’ve put together a few of our favourite fashion fixes for those common problems to keep you looking good no matter what happens.

For the Unsightly

If black is a huge wardrobe staple for you, then dealing with deodorant stains will be second nature. There is an easy fix for this; a nylon stocking rubbed over the area lifts that white powdery look from your outfit before you head out for the day.

For the Broken

Broken heels are the worst offender here because they usually happen when you are out somewhere special enough to put them on in the first place. Pop a small superglue tube in your purse when you head out for a night on the town with heels on. It’s a convenient precaution that comes in handy to see you through to the end of the night if those pesky heels don’t stay attached to your shoes.

 For the Inconvenient

Bra straps are notorious for slipping down shoulders and if you want to avoid this look, secure them in place with double sided tape. Find them at haberdasheries, the tape is made not only to be reliable but also discreet.

For Slimming

If you have a form fitting dress, you can smooth over your curves easily by investing in some good quality slimming underwear. The biggest seller, and an excellent brand is Spanx.

Think carefully about what type of slimming wear you want to purchase because they all have their advantages and disadvantages. For fitted dresses, go for the body suit, it may not seem attractive, but it is easily the most comfortable on and gives you smooth lines from your bust to your thighs. If you’d prefer not to opt for the body suit, go for shorts; just make sure to go for a pair that reaches to the top of your bra line, so you won’t have to deal with them rolling down.

For the Cold

Though the fall and winter seasons always come out with beautiful coats, it is rare that the most fashionable coats will be the warmest. If you love sleek lines, even in winter, then thermals are a must.  There are options to suit every occasion, from camisoles to long sleeves to leggings and shorts, you will be able to keep warm no matter what you wear. There is a comprehensive collection of thermals at John Lewis for those that want to try before they buy.

For Gaping

If you have a large bust and find your shirts gaping around button holes, or have a small bust and find that low necklines will reveal your décolletage, double sided tape is the best fix. It affixes to the skin, or you can fasten the shirt together underneath the button to avoid pulling.

Are there any fashion fixes that we haven’t covered? Or methods that are better than the ones we have suggested? Let us know!

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