Five of the best fragrances for winter

Winter is a great season for scent. There’s the pine from your tree, the fruitiness from the mulled wine, the cinnamon from the eggnog and the smell of a roast in the oven.

But it’s not only the things around you that can smell good, winter is a time to experiment with the more outlandish and heavier fragrances that feel too overwhelming in summer. Here are our top picks for winter scents:

1.    Dolce and Gabbana – The One

One of the lighter perfumes on this list, The One Eau de Parfum has fruity top notes of mandarin, lychee and peach, with flowery middle notes of jasmine and white lily. There is a base of musk and vanilla, that keeps the scent sweet but doesn’t overwhelm.  This is a season-round perfume but because of its heavier undertones, it works remarkably well for the winter seasons.

Find it at for £32.95

2.    Chanel – Coco Noir

A fragrance list for winter would not be complete without an entry from Chanel. Like its famous counterpart – Chanel No. 5 –Noir has an intense scent, but it steps away from its mostly floral predecessor. Musk and sandalwood anchor this perfume, with a rose heart and a light grapefruit to finish, this is a warm fragrance that will be welcome in the cold.

Find it at Boots for £60

3.    Calvin Klein – Reveal

Calvin Klein is generally known for its light perfumes, but Reveal is an interesting release from this fashion powerhouse. This is a musky, woody scent at its base with a distinctive salt signature, mixed with white and black pepper top notes.  The oris, ambergris and solar accord making up its heart give this scent a real air of sophistication, and if you wear it, will give you the same.

Find it at Boots for £33.50

4.    Stella McCartney – L.I.L.Y

The inspiration for this scent was inspired by the designer’s mother, Linda McCartney, and the homage to the famous vegetarian and activist shows. This fragrance is both earthy and spicy, with hints of lily-of-the-valley and pepper. This is a primarily a daytime fragrance because of its soft and elegant notes.

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5.    Yves Saint Laurent – Black Opium

A new edition of the classic perfume from Yves Saint Laurent, this perfume has been advertised as bringing out the dark and enigmatic side of women. And it’s no wonder, this fragrance mixes black coffee with white florals and vanilla, all elements which really appeal to the senses.

Find it at John Lewis for £52.70

If you decide to invest in a perfume this winter, the run up to Christmas is a great time to start looking; sales are abundant, so you won’t feel quite so decadent if you go for the fragrance you really want. Happy shopping!


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