Get stylish in workout wear

Gone are the days when you’d spot someone jogging in jeans. As healthy eating and exercise becomes more mainstream, so does fashionable workout wear.

Whether you’re heading to the gym, strolling to your weekly yoga class, taking a dip in the pool or simply walking around town, it’s important to look and feel good. Luckily, with some help from some of the following workout trends, it’s easy to do both.

Try a pair of patterned leggings 

One of the most comfortable items you can wear when working out is a pair of leggings. They’re incredibly versatile—perfect for walking, jogging, dancing, hiking and gym activities such as lifting weights.

Patterned leggings are bang on trend at the moment and, with a wide variety of designs available from nearly every high street brand, you’re sure to come across something that suits you. Look hard enough and you can even find Stella McCartney-designed training tights!

Layer your look with a comfy gilet

Quilted, down, lined and waterproof, outdoor gilets are fantastic for any season. They’ll keep your body warm while allowing your arms to stay cool—useful when you’re hiking, power walking or jogging.

As Spring beckons, slip on a comfy gilet, such as this one from Mango, to encourage you to get outdoors and make the most of the changing seasons.

Get comfortable with specially designed swimwear 

Few things are more invigorating than a dip in the pool. Swimwear can be a difficult sell at times, as it’s hard to find suits that are both comfortable and stylish. Marks & Spencer, which sells quite an extensive activewear range, tackles both—with a flattering colour blocked swimsuit for women and quick-dry swim briefs for men. With a suit like one of these, you’re sure to make a splash, so to speak!

Energise your outfit with neon 

The neon trend is still going strong, as evidenced by vibrant tops such as this layering top from LiJA, sold at House of Fraser. Neon workout wear gives you a blast of bright colour, something that can hopefully translate through to your activity. Whether it’s aerobics, cycling or strength training, you’re sure to feel more energetic in neon.

Play it cool with racerback sports tops

Finally, a style that is flattering for many is the racerback. From tanks to sports bras to swimwear, racerback shows off your shoulders and highlights your upper back. Fashionable for both men and women, racerback sports tops are a great way to keep cool during those tough cardio sessions.

What’s your favourite piece of workout wear?

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