Helping teenagers select appropriate A Level choices…

Helping teenagers post 16 select the A Level subjects that will keep all options open for further studying at Degree level is always a complicated issue.  Schools and Colleges, whilst having a wealth of knowledge and experience, invariably leave the final decision to the teenager, who may not be equipped with the tools and experience to make the most informed choice.  If you have a focussed, inspired and motivated child, then this may not seem so daunting, however, if you feel like you’re groping around in the dark then there may be some light at the end of your tunnel.  There is a guide produced by the Russell International Excellence Group which can help you make informed choices about post 16 education.

What you decide to study post-16 can have a major impact on what you can study at degree level.  Having the right information now will give you more options when the time comes to make up your mind.  This guide helps you make informed decisions when choosing your post 16 education.  The following link will take you directly to the PDF file, which will provide enormous amounts of guidance …… 

How have you helped your teenager make the right choices?

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