Need Shoes for Swollen Feet?

Do you need extra roomy shoes due to swollen feet? If so you’re not alone!

People of all ages can be affected by swelling, often due to poor circulation, a medical condition, or the side effects of medication.

When swelling occurs, it’s tempting to continue to wear the shoes we like, even if they are no longer a good fit. Be warned, this way danger lies! Poorly fitting footwear can cause us to take less exercise due to foot discomfort, which can in turn lead to more swelling and a decline in health. Shoes that rub can also cause ulcers, with the associated risk of infection. So a small thing like needing new shoes can lead to immobility and lack of independence if not addressed.

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Podiatrists tell us that footwear for swollen feet should be wider and deeper. They also advise that an adjustable fastening, such as Velcro or laces, will ensure our shoes fit perfectly throughout the day, whatever our level of swelling.

If your heart is sinking because you like shoes to look good, take heart.

Shoe designers have woken up to the fact that both men and women want footwear that looks fashionable as well as being roomier, supportive and adjustable, and that special occasions demand styles that look the part. Many styles now incorporate a cleverly designed sole unit with hidden depth, so that they flatter the swollen foot.


All Cosyfeet shoes, boots, sandals and slippers have an EEEEE+ width fitting as standard for women and HH+ for men. Many can be worn with orthotics, and have strap extensions available for especially swollen feet.

Cosyfeet are also members of the Healthy Footwear Guide. This is a collaboration between UK footwear brands and foot health professionals. It aims to highlight the importance of wearing healthy, comfortable footwear. Cosyfeet footwear has been shown to meet the specific criteria set out by the organisation.

Are you eligible for VAT Relief?

If you need extra roomy footwear due to a medical condition, you may be eligible for VAT relief. For more info, and to browse the UK’s largest selection of extra roomy footwear, see or call 01458 447275.



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