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Helen Mirren and Dame Judi Dench look amazing with grey hair. Tempted to let your hair colour go natural and follow the trend? 

Leonardo Rizzo, International Creative Director of Sanrizz salons explains why it could be the best hair colour you’ve ever had.

“I see more and more clients opting to wear naturally grey hair: celebrities such as Helen Mirren and Judi Dench have shown it is possible to look amazing and women like the fact that there is less upkeep.

“Sometimes clients worry that grey hair will age them, but actually your cut is as important as your colour. Your hair should frame your face and be uplifting rather than hanging down and dragging your features with it.

“That doesn’t mean that long hair is forbidden though: but because grey hair is naturally more coarse you’ll have to work on the condition to keep it shiny and smooth. The Schwarzkopf Black Pearl range is specifically designed for grey hair, and I also really like Moroccan Oil.” (both from

If you’re reluctant to let go of the hair dye you’ve been using for the last thirty years, then consider this: grey hair could be more flattering. “Many women make the mistake of dyeing their hair to achieve the colour they had before grey” says Rizzo, “But skin tone changes as you age and you need to choose a lighter hair colour to match. If you don’t the colour will look too harsh – and make you look older.”

Highlights also makes root regrowth less obvious, but they’re not foolproof . “They need to be subtle” says Rizzo. “Because if they are over done, you can end up with stripes!”.

If clients make the choice to let their natural grey grow through, Rizzo recommends Fusion Colour, a highlighting technique that lightens hair at the roots. “We gradually lighten the hair with each treatment to blend with the grey regrowth. It’s a great technique because it allows you to grow out colour subtly over a few months without tell-tale roots”.

Why not visit Leonardo and his team at Sanrizz for a complimentary consultation? Contact the salons at 38A Brunswick Centre, London Tel 0207 833 1300 or 75 North Street, Guildford, GU1 4AW Tel 01483 577739.

Written by: Adele Mitchell

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