Yes, you can wear leopard print …. grrrr!

Leopard print prowled the catwalk again this season and is no longer a fashion faux-pas once you’ve turned 50

Here’s how to wear your wild side in style – and avoid turning yourself into an endangered species that, frankly, no one would want to save.

Only wear one leopard print item at a time: more than that, and you risk looking like you’re trying to mate with yourself.

The modern way to wear animal print is to play down accessories: team with neutral colours and soft outlines for daytime, or, for evening, a classic black heel and clutch bag. Bear in mind that any accessory that is vinyl, thigh-high or fringed is strictly ‘ageing rock star’ and should be avoided at all costs.

Animal print, red lipstick and grey hair is a gorgeous look – keep it on-trend and elegant by making sure the rest of your makeup is ultra low-key.

Keep it classy and don’t show any cleavage, or leg above the knee.

Wear where appropriate: lunch with friends or a trip to the theatre? It’s the perfect look. Appointment with your gynaecologist? Probably not.

Nothing says ‘look at me, I’m a confident, predatory woman’ like animal print. Wear with attitude – and enjoy it!

Do you have a love affair with leopard? Is it a bit too ‘barmaid’ for your tastes? Or would you simply never dare wear it? Let us know!!

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