10 clever uses for tumble dryer sheets

Small but mighty, the humble tumble dryer sheet is useful for so much more than making your laundry smell fresh.  

Instead of throwing them away, why not recycle them? Dryer sheets can be used for everything from dusting to cleaning oven racks and removing deodorant marks from clothes.

Here’s 10 clever uses for tumble dryer sheets to try.

  1. As a car freshener – An open box of dryer sheets can act as a discreet air freshener. Leave them in the backseat or boot of your car to help gradually give your car a light, fresh scent.
  2. To de-static – Dryer sheets are great for removing static from hair and clothing. Try wiping down brushes and combs to deal with static, as well as the underside of skirts and dresses to stop them from clinging.
  3. In the vacuum bag – Freshen the room while you vacuum by placing a dryer sheet inside your vacuum bag. The dryer sheet will help neutralise any smells and gently freshen the room as you go.
  4. Shoe deodoriser – Ball up a dryer sheet and place them inside your shoes overnight to help improve odours. This trick also works in clothing drawers and diaper bags, too!
  5. Removing lingering odours – Occasionally stains and pet accidents leave behind hard to remove lingering odours in the carpet. This simple trick can help absorb them. Place several dryer sheets on the area then cover with fresh coffee grounds (really!). Leave it there overnight then remove.
  6. Removing soap residue – Soap residue on glass shower doors can be surprisingly difficult to shift. Dryer sheets to the rescue; they can power through the filmy residue without any harsh scrubbing.
  7. Cleaning chrome – Make the chrome around your home sparkle with the help of a wet dryer sheet. It’s also a useful trick for shining up any chrome on your car, too.
  8. Cleaning the iron – You can use dryer sheets to remove any residue or grime from the bottom of your iron. Set the iron to a low setting, then run it over a dryer sheet for a few minutes. Any residue will begin to transfer from the iron to the dryer sheet.
  9. Repel mosquitos – Putting a dryer sheet in your pocket can help ward off insects while you’re out enjoying the best of the weather this summer. Ingredients like linalool, lavender and basil all naturally repel bugs without the need for strongly-scented bug sprays.
  10. Cleaning oven racks – Dryer sheets help make light work of cleaning the nearly impossible to remove grime from your oven rack. Take several dryer sheets and place them in a bathtub or basin. Add a dash of dish soap and fill with hot water. Leave your oven racks to soak in them overnight; the next morning grime easily rubs off.

Will you try any of these tricks at home? Let us know in the comments below!

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