10 clever uses for Vaseline

If you think Vaseline is just a skincare product, think again – there’s more to petroleum jelly than just dry elbows and nappy rash.

Cheap, versatile and available at any grocery store or chemist, today we’re sharing 10 clever uses for Vaseline.

  1. Stop squeaks – Do you have a squeaky hinge on a door or cabinet around the house? Add a little Vaseline to keep them quiet. This also works for lubricating cabinet doors and windows that are prone to getting stuck.
  2. Prevent frozen locks – If you have an older lock that sometimes jams or freezes over in winter, try this simple trick. Apply a very thin layer of Vaseline on your key and insert it into the lock – it will lubricate the inside and help make it easier to open.
  3. Moisturise lashes – If you find your eyelashes are dry, lifeless or sparse, try Vaseline. A light layer will help moisturise them and encourage them to grow longer, thicker and stronger. This works on eyebrows too – pop a little on before bed for a deep conditioning treatment overnight.
  4. Remove scuffs – Vaseline can work as a makeshift cleaner for scuffed patent leather boots and heels. Add a little to a soft cloth and rub the scuffed area then wipe away – they’ll look as good as new.
  5. Overnight pedicure – If you struggle with dry feet and cracked heels, try this simple solution. Slather Vaseline on your feet before bed and then pop on a pair of fuzzy or cotton socks. When you wake up the next morning your feet will be much softer.
  6. As a lipstick barrier – If you often check the mirror to find lipstick on your teeth, try this time-honoured trick from beauty pageant contestants around the world. Dip your finger in Vaseline and rub lightly along your front teeth. It will keep any lipstick from transferring – perfect for important events and family photos.
  7. As an exfoliant – Forget costly body scrubs. Next time you need a good exfoliation, add some sea salt to a tub of Vaseline and mix. Rub over your body and scrub away in the shower. This also works on lips too for a smoother lipstick application. Mix a small amount of sugar into your Vaseline and rub into your lips, smoothing off any excess.
  8. Remove watermarks – If you have a light watermark or ring on a piece of wooden furniture, use Vaseline to help remove it. Cover the stain in Vaseline and leave it overnight. After 24 hours, wipe away any excess and watch the watermark go with it.
  9. Keep wax off candlesticks – Dripping wax from a candle can be difficult to remove from candlesticks without scratching the surface. Instead, rub a thin layer of Vaseline around the holder to prevent wax sticking and to make candles easier to remove.
  10. Keep lids from sticking – If you have lids that are prone to sticking or nail polish bottles that always seem to be fastened shut, rub some Vaseline around the grooves to make them easier to open with less hassle next time around.

Do you have any clever uses for Vaseline? Let us know in the comments below!

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