Clever uses for oats

Porridge oats can be used for so much more than just a hearty breakfast dish.

There are dozens of clever uses for oats to try around the home. Here are some of our favourites.

Absorb smells

Oats can help absorb unwelcome smells from your fridge or freezer. Blitz oats in your food processor into a fine powder, then place in an open bowl in your fridge. You can also use it to line an ashtray and absorb the smell of smoke.

Thicken soups

Oats make a great alternative for flour when ground finely in a food processor, and can be used to thicken soups or as an alternative to traditional breadcrumbs.

Soothe sunburn

Oats are great for soothing irritated skin from sunburns or even chicken box. Ground oats into a flour, then fill a sock, cheesecloth or old pair of tights and fasten tightly. Tie to your bath tap, fill the tub, and soak.

Make a heat pad

An old sock filled with oats also make a brilliant heat pad that can be warmed in the microwave. It works just as well as rice, and smells better, too.

Soothe your dog’s itching skin

An oatmeal bath is also a gentle and effective way to help sooth itching skin for your pet. Blend oatmeal into a powder and dissolve into warm water. If your dog doesn’t like the bath, you can also mix equal parts water and oats into a paste and rub it into the skin, then rinse.

Make a draft stopper

Sew a piece of fabric into a tube – an old sock or stocking works if you aren’t handy with sewing needles – and then pack tightly with oats.

Mix into plant soil

Oats are filled with minerals and nutrients that can act as food for your plants. Mix in a scoop of dry oats into your potting mixture to help give your potted plants a boost.

Alternatively, if you prefer to eat oats and would like some recipes using oats here are a few of our favourites –

Sticky Blueberry and Banana Flapjack

Apple & Ginger Flapjack

Skinny Latte Overnight Oats

Wholemeal muffins with oats, cream cheese and green kiwifruit

Pink Lady Apple Bircher Muesli


Do you know any clever uses for oats and oatmeal? Share you wisdom in the comments below 

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