Clever uses for shower curtain rings

Inexpensive, readily available and versatile, there’s dozens of uses for shower curtain rings and hooks that can make home organising easy.  

Here’s a few quick and simple tips to help you de-clutter around the house using shower curtain rings or curtain hooks. 

  1. Organise scarves and ties – Plastic shower curtain rings looped around a hanger offer a quick and easy space saving solution for your wardrobe. Pull a scarf through each shower ring and let it hang – you’ll be able to quickly see what’s there yet still store them taking up no more space than a single garment. 
  2. Hang belts – Use shower curtain rings or hooks to hang your belts and access them easily. Loop the shower curtain through the belt buckle to let it hang straight – you can attach them to a hanger or simply keep them on a hook or attached to a shelf in your closet.
  3. Collect hair ties – If you have long hair or have a teenager at home who does, you might be familiar with finding hair ties all over your bathroom and vanity, along with random surfaces all over the home. Keep hair ties together, organised and easily accessible by looping them through a curtain ring instead. 
  4. Keep jewellery untangled – Keep your necklaces untangled and on display with this simple solution. Hang a rail or towel rack on the wall of your bedroom or inside your wardrobe door, then use curtain hooks to hang each necklace individually for easy access. 
  5. Hang bath products – If bending down in the shower is difficult, hang your bath products instead to keep them at eye level and within reach. Find curtain rings with a clip attachment and loop them through your shower rod. Attach your shampoo and body wash bottles and you’re done. 
  6. Hang mugs – You can also use hooks to hang mugs and free up cupboard space in your kitchen. Install a rail or towel rack, then hang mugs through the handle of each hook. 
  7. Keep hardware organised – You can keep nuts, washers and other small hardware organised and accessible easily by looping them through old-fashioned shower curtain clips. That way, next time you open your tool box, you won’t have to sift through a disorganised pile to find what you need.
  8. Collect spare keys – In a pinch a curtain ring can also be used as a makeshift keychain – perfect for any spare keys you have hanging around the house. The large size of the ring means you can easily hang them from a nail or hook for easy access, too.

Do you know any clever uses for shower curtain rings? Let us know in the comments below.


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