Clever tips and tricks to keep produce fresh

From storing certain fruits and vegetables together to unique ways to keep leaves crisp, there’s dozens of weird and wonderful hints and tips to help you keep your produce fresh.

Today we’re sharing a few of the best – have you tried any at home?

Keep leaves crisp

By taking them out of any plastic packaging and placing in a bowl. Rest a folded piece of paper towel on top and cover tightly with cling film. The paper towel helps prevent moisture from settling and allows leaves to stay crisp.

Store a cut half of avocado in water

An easy method to store half an avocado is to submerge your ripe avocado in water. Cut your avocado in half and fill a glass or plastic container near full with water. With the flesh-side down, place the avocado in the container, cover, and place in the fridge. This will keep the avocado from turning brown for about two days.

Store bulbs in a bamboo steamer

Storing bulbs in a cool, dark place will help extend the life of bulbs like onion and garlic. A bamboo steamer is the perfect place to put them. It’s covered, so will shield bulbs from light, but also provides good ventilation. Combined, it will help keep them from sprouting.

Create an onion shaker

Keep small vegetables like spring onions always to hand with this simple trick. Cut and prepare diced onions or spring onions, then place inside and old water bottle and freeze. When you need them to add to dishes like sauces or stir fries, you can simply shake out what you need and return the rest to the freezer.

Hydrate asparagus

You can keep your asparagus from drying out too quickly by wrapping a damp paper towel around the base and keeping in the fridge. You can further slow down the wilting process by storing them upright in a glass, with about an inch of water in it.

Mix apple with a potato

A simple way to keep your potatoes from sprouting is to add an apple to the mix. Store potatoes in a ventilated bag and keep in a cool, dry place. Gas emitted from the apple will help stop and sprouting.

Don’t wash your berries

Washing your berries will encourage mold to grow while they are waiting to be eaten in the fridge. Try and keep them as dry as possible until you’re ready to eat them, washing just before use instead.

Freeze herbs in an ice cube tray

You can keep ‘fresh’ herbs always to hand by chopping them up and freezing them in an ice cube tray. Place the herbs in the tray, then fill with water. When it comes time to cook, you can throw the herbs straight into your sauce or frying pan – the water will evaporate and the herbs will release their flavour as they cook.

Do you know any clever tricks for keeping produce fresh? Share your knowledge in the comments below.

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