12 Spring flowering bulbs to plant in your garden this autumn

Starting with a reliable tulip, we look at just some beautiful spring flowering bulbs currently available at the Silversurfers Shop.

1. Triumph Tulips

Highly regarded for their long flowering period, Triumph are extremely reliable (and beautiful!).

2. Iris Painted Lady

Producing lovely white flowers tinged with blue and yellow markings, Iris Painted Lady is best enjoyed as a strong supporting character in your spring garden display.

3. Parrot Tulips

Producing large, beautiful and wavy petals gradually unfurling like wings, Parrot Tulips guarantee fabulous colour.

Varieties available range refreshing white to dazzling yellow.

4. Fritillaria Michailovskyi

Slightly unusual in appearance, Fritillaria Michailovskyi is a must-consider for readers searching for a unique final addition to their spring display.

Growing dark purple and red bell-shaped flowers with vibrant yellow petal edges, this Fritillari grows to a height of 15 centimetres.

5. Erythronium

Add interest to rockeries and patio pots with Erythronium. Introduce shades of violet with Dens Canis and yellow thanks to Pagoda.

6. Hyacinth

Producing enormous, compact flower heads full of colour, Hyacinth are perfect for bedding areas and containers.

Noted for their long flowering period, Hyacinth’s lovely green foliage is not to be missed either!

7. Narcissus Martinette

Add beautiful buttercup yellow and glowing orange trumpets to your garden next spring with Narcissus Martinette.

Also adding a little fragrance, Martinette grow to around 30 centimetres tall.

8. Tenby Daffodils

A British native, Tenby Daffodils or Obvallaris, are a popular choice throughout the UK.

Growing lemon yellow flowers, Tenby notably inspired the famous Wordsworth poem.

9. Daffodil Tahiti

An excellent Daffodil option instantly recognisable thanks to a central inner layer of orange-red petals – Tahiti Daffodils are next up.

A vibrant and long-lasting spring display option, Tahiti also makes for an excellent cut flower indoor display!

10. Fritillaria Meleagris

Adding a talking point to your garden, the Snakes-head Fritillaria is an excellent naturaliser and fascinating addition to any spring garden.

11. Allium Sphaerocephalon

Also referred to as the ‘Drumstick’ Allium, this intriguing variety grows many purple-crimson heads.

Ideally planted in borders amongst perennials or in a mixture patio container.

12. English Bluebells

The much-loved English Bluebell is great at growing in areas under trees where other plants often struggle.

A great solution for readers with woodland gardens, Bluebells tend to form large clumps making for a delightful early spring scene full of colour.

Plan Ahead

Plan for spring with our huge selection of bulbs available at Silversurfers Shop.

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