Best interior design blogs

Browsing interior design websites and blogs is a sure-fire way to lose track of time.

If you’re interested in home design even vaguely, it’s mesmerising to look at all of the different ways you could redesign your house.

But with so many great sites out there, how do you know where to look? We’ve rounded up some of the best interior design blogs on the web for your viewing pleasure.

Design Milk

This amazing online magazine is dedicated to contemporary design and architecture.  As well as showcasing new architectural designs for stylish homes, it also features a wide range of posts about interior design and furniture. This is definitely a site for the adventurous and aspiring who want to do something really eye catching with their home design.

Ems Designblogg

For anyone who needs a daily fix of interior design happiness, this Swedish blog is your friend. There are so many posts here, you’ll never run out of things to look at and it’s all centred around homeware and furniture. Being Swedish, there are quite a few interesting previews of upcoming Ikea designs too. 


For home layout inspiration, Decor8 is invaluable. If you’re thinking of redesigning your kitchen or living room, this is the blog to go to sophisticated ideas and designs. There are thousands of posts on this blog, so whether you’re looking for contemporary fashionable ideas or some retro inspiration from a few years back, you’ll find it here. 

Fabric of My Life

Interested in fabric and colours? Fabric of My Life is for you. Here, you’ll find plenty of ideas for colour palates and schemes, so it’s ideal if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and need some guided inspiration. It’s run by London-based Kate Baxter, who even has her own online shop. So if you really like her style, you might be able to get your hands on a few of her own designs.

Habitually Chic

This is a blog that certainly lives up to its name. Run by the stylish, New York-based Heather Clawson, it’s chock full of glamorous interior design ideas that cheerfully combine European inspirations with recognisably American influences. One for the homeowner who wants to feel sophistication in every corner of their home. 


This is the perfect blog for anyone who loves both travel and design. Posts have been few and far between of late, but if you’ve only just come across the blog you’ve got a lot to catch up on. There are some wonderful home designs featured here from all over the world, for both indoor and outdoor spaces: ideal if your tastes are a blend of adventurous and homely. 


Thanks to Pinterest, it’s easy for anyone with great ideas to create their own interior design blog, complete with amazing pictures. Pinterest’s many home décor boards have almost everything you’d ever want to see, from new colour schemes to entire home makeovers. It’s also a great way to keep track of the ideas that you collect from other websites, so you’ll never forget your interior design inspirations.

What are your favourite interior design blogs and websites?

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