Easy Christmas decorations you can make at home

While buying Christmas decorations may be the norm now, there’s a lot of fun to be had making your own, especially when you can personalise them for friends and family. 

We’ve put together our favourite simple, affordable and beautiful ways to make this Christmas just a little more personal.

Decorate your baubles

Baubles are a really good place to start; they are inexpensive to buy, easy to decorate, and reusable – which is always a plus when Christmas comes around next year. Clear baubles are best, and they can be either plastic or glass. Fill the orbs with little Christmas figurines, or paint on a personalised message with acrylics. Baubles with names work well for kids, and our tip is to use glue for writing, and then roll the bauble in glitter for effect.

Make a wreath

Making your own wreath doesn’t need to be difficult – there are plenty of simple, fun wreaths that are easy to put together. Buy a garland wreath and make it your own wit ribbon, baubles, pinecones or candycanes. A paper wreath is another easy option, because it looks great and you don’t have to spend money on buying a wire form. You can find the tutorial for a simple-to-make wreath here.

Design a Christmas centrepiece

If you like to lay a nice table, making a Christmas centrepiece is a lovely way to bring some festive flair to your evening. Pick up some pinecones (find them in your back garden, local park or at a garden centre)and small garland of greenery and you can create a lovely and simple rustic table topper.

String up some Christmas bunting

To make your own Christmas bunting, all you need is some brown parcel string, some festive (but good quality) paper, and some glue. Cut the paper into diamonds, you can make them all even if you like, but a little unevenness adds to the rustic look, so don’t worry too much. Evenly place your paper diamonds on your table, and then run the parcel string across the middle of them. Fold the diamonds over and glue, so they look like little triangles. Make your bunting as long or as short as you like; they look equally good adorning mantels as they do wrapped around your Christmas tree.

Make baked decorations for your tree

If all else fails, then put your cooking skills to use and get baking. Gingerbread makes a brilliant  decoration for the tree, holiday gifts, place cards, and believe it or not, gift tags. If you’re good at piping, personalising these treats is easy and they look great.

What do you think? Will you try your hand at crafting some decorations this year?


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