End of summer jobs for around the home

The last bank holiday weekend of the year signals the end of summer – with the last few weeks of warm weather, now is the time to tackle a few household chores that can get you ready for winter and feeling organised before we inevitably start spending much more time indoors.

Here’s a few suggestions of jobs you can take on in the coming months.

  • Check the roof – The onslaught of wind, rain, snow and ice puts our roofs under a lot of pressure, so it’s no surprise the middle of winter is usually the moment we find something wrong. Check your roof while the weather is still good and repairs can be done quickly – look for loose or missing shingles, corrosion or leaky vents.
  • Boiler maintenance – Like the roof, the boiler is another thing we don’t usually think about until it suddenly stops working. The first cold week of the year most tradesmen are inundated with calls to fix boilers that have stopped working. Get ahead of the curve and call someone out for routine boiler maintenance now – that way when it’s time to get the heating back on, you’ve got peace of mind knowing yours is ready to go.
  • Check the chimneys – If you use a fireplace at home, sweeping the chimneys is another job that’s worth taking on now. Have the chimneys checked and clean to make sure they’re not a fire hazard.
  • Fill sandbags – Flooding is the last thing any homeowner wants to endure, but as the last few winters have proved, flooding can come on quickly and unexpectedly. If you live in a potential flood zone, make sure you’re taking the time to flood proof your home and keep some sandbags in the shed or garage ready to go in case you ever need them.
  • Clean the gutters – Gutters that can’t properly clear away rain water end up putting additional strain on your roof and home exterior, which can lead to water damage. Before the winter comes, check your gutters and clean out any leaves and other debris that may have settled there.
  • Check the smoke alarms – This is a good time to check your smoke alarms and any carbon monoxide detectors you have around the home. Change the batteries and check to see they’re all in working order.
  • Fix the walkways – If you have broken or missing stones on the walkway leading to your home, these can become a potentially bigger hazard with the addition of ice and snow. Check your walkways to make sure they’re even and replace any stones or slabs if need be.

Do you have any suggestions for end of summer jobs to do around the home?

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