Halo Capsule Bagged Cordless Vacuum Cleaner First Look

New vacuum brand Halo says its Capsule carbon-fibre cordless cleaner is the first of its kind. We take a look at what it offers and test it out in the home.


The Halo was rated Best Buy April 2020 for cordless vacuum cleaners by Which? who said, “The Halo is nothing short of fantastic at cleaning” and Good Housekeeping scored 100% in all of their pick-up tests.

I was asked to test it out so here are my findings:

Key Features

The Halo Capsule comes neatly packed and is very easy to assemble. In addition to the carbon fibre cylinder, you get a crevice tool, combination floorhead and mini dusting brush in the box, along with 26 spare dust bags, plus the one that is already fitted when the Halo Capsule arrives.

First impressions

The controls are simple to use – there are three power settings, a toggle to turn the brush-bar on and off (on for carpets, off for hard floors), and indicators to help you keep track of battery life and when to replace the dust bag. It feels very robust and sturdy, yet easy to move around.

Easy to use on stairs

I was particularly impressed with the suction level. Even on a medium setting, it picked up dog hair, dust and carpet fluff.

Perfect for carpet areas

On first use, I found it a little top-heavy when in the fully extended mode, as you can only hold the handle at the top which makes it slightly tricky to manoeuvre but after a few spins, I got the hang of it.

Great for reaching dust under furniture

Compared to an upright vacuum cleaner the Halo Capsule is perfect for cleaning underneath furniture without having to move it.

Dust bags

The Capsule is unusual as it uses dust bags, rather than a reusable dust canister. The dust collection bags are made out of paper which is bio-degradable which is a great design feature. There is a red indicator light that tells you when the dust bag is full. The plus side of this is that when the bag is full to its 1.6L capacity, you simply remove it and pop in a new one without any contact with the dust, dirt and grime you have just sucked up! Non-bag designs usually leave you with a residue of dust from my experience so this felt like a really clean way to dispose of the contents of the bag and would be great if you had allergies.

Crevice tool perfect for getting into those intricate areas

The powerful stick vacuum can be converted into a handheld model quickly and efficiently and at last, I have found an effective tool to clean my carpeted staircase. Using a combination of the floorhead and crevice tool my staircase has never looked so clean!

The battery life based on using the lowest setting is around 1 hour and is designed to be more than powerful enough for daily use on Performance and Eco mode. You’ll get significantly less cleaning time on the Boost setting which isn’t needed for everyday use and only required for really stubborn dirt. When I tested it on Boost, it only ran for 11 minutes before needing to be recharged.

To fully recharge again takes around 3 hours, and it comes with wall fixings so you can store conveniently, and recharge whilst being stored.  Once the battery is fully recharged, it automatically turns off saving power.

The Halo Capsule is light enough to comfortably use to remove dust and cobwebs above head hight.

Light enough to use above head height

The Halo Capsule stands up by itself when leaned against a wall when not in use.

The combination floor head is versatile and can be used both in hand-held as well as full stick mode.  It has a nifty way of clicking down using your foot when in full stick mode.

Having two dogs who shed hair daily on hard surfaces and carpets, the Halo Capsule is a great lightweight vacuum cleaner, perfect for daily use and really convenient to use.

How does it compare to its competitors?

Halo Capsule highlights

It is light, easy to use and toggle between the integrated tools, and has very powerful suction for such a lightweight appliance. I particularly love the benefits of using a dust bag, as opposed to a reusable dust canister.

If you want a small and portable stick vacuum that can be converted into a handheld model then this model could be the one for you – perfect for spring cleaning!

** Update ** Since having the Halo for the last month I have not used my heavy upright Dyson! I am beginning to think that large vacuum cleaners are an appliance of the past.


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