Increase biodiversity in your own garden

Promoting biodiversity in your home garden is a brilliant way to preserve nature and support a healthy habitat in your community.

It needn’t be complicated or impact the look of your garden; a few small and simple adjustments can have a big impact.

Here’s a few of our favourite clever ways to increase biodiversity in your own garden.

Plant trees and shrubs

Trees and shrubs make it easier for birds to nest and for other insects to thrive in your garden.

Choose native plant species

Do some research when planting and where possible choose plant species that are native to your local area. This will naturally help provide food and habitat for native species living nearby.

Try a ‘wild corner’

If you have space on your property to do so, leave an area of your garden free for wild plants to grow. Many weeds and wildflowers are not harmful and will also attract a brilliant array of interesting bugs and insects, and even hedgehogs, if the area is large enough.

Make a pile

A pile of rocks in your garden can help insects flourish, while a pile of old wood can help insects and funghi flourish, too.

Provide food and water

Making seeds and water readily available will help bring birds and other small animals to your garden. Choose plants with seeds or install a bird feeder in your garden and watch over time as more and more wildlife begins to appear.

Think about soil

Good soil quality is a simple way to encourage biodiversity. Be mindful of chemicals, go organic where possible, use compost to top up soil, and consider whether it’s worthwhile to add any other soil conditioners.

Do you have any tips to promote biodiversity in your garden? Share your wisdom in the comments below. 


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