Keeping Your Home Clean – Home Much is Safe to Do Yourself?

We all want our home to look good; whether we see family frequently or simply want things clean and tidy for our own peace of mind, none of us want to let housework get on top of us. But sometimes too much could pose risks – regardless of how much of a deep clean your living room needs!

There’s lots of fantastic advice available for older people when it comes to avoiding accidents and staying safe around the home; the Royal Society for the Prevent of Accidents (RoSPA) has a comprehensive, guide complete with videos, which you can read here.

General Tidying / Cleaning

It can help, not just from an appearance point of view but also a safety perspective, to keep your home tidy. From cables to adjusting furniture layout, it’s surprising how much of a difference it can make not just to a room’s appearance but also the amount of space you have available – making it easier to make your way around your home.

RoSPA’s Public Health Project Manager, Ashley Martin, advises that generally getting rid of clutter around the home can really help reduce any risks of accidents.

What are the risks?

The risks from general tidying up are likely to be minimal, but it depends on what level you go to. For example, simply flattening out rugs or clearing up wires is likely to be perfectly safe. But if you’re doing anything at height or are carrying particularly heavy loads, then it’s best to ask for help, whether that’s from professional cleaners or simply family and friends.

This is particularly true when you’re trying to clean and tidy at height; more than a third of people aged over 65 experience falls, and this number increases to 40% when you hit 80.

Hoovering & Carpet Cleaning

Keeping your carpet clean, whether that’s regular vacuuming or deep cleans every so often, are instrumental in keeping your home clean. This can be particularly important for older people, especially those prone to respiratory issues.

What are the risks?

Light vacuuming can often be ok, and it does really depend on your physical fitness. Some older people may find that pushing heavy vacuum cleaners causes strain on joints and muscles, whereas other people may be perfectly capable. The best advice is to know your limits and listen to your body!

Areas of particular risk, though, include vacuuming your stairs or cleaning rugs; both of these present the risk of either falling from height or tripping over uneven surfaces.

When it comes to getting the right support for your home, our local team at Daily Poppins offer cleaning services to cover all of the above areas. We provide tailored services on a one-off or a regular basis, dealing with any aspects you need – letting you keep your home clean and tidy, while remaining safe and not needing to push yourself. We cover the whole of the UK, and you can view our services as well as make bookings through the Daily Poppins website.


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