Kitchen Renovation Ideas That Don’t Cost The World

Our kitchens often play a vital role in our lives, but it’s easy to let them become tired and outdated over time. Thankfully, you can revitalise your kitchen without spending a fortune by making a few small changes.

Here are some effective and simple ways to spruce up your kitchen, whether you’re in the mood to repaint the walls, install colourful tiles, or just add some new details.

Fresh Paint and Paper

Sometimes a lick of paint will help make a kitchen look like new. Simply repainting an accent wall, half the room, wooden chairs, the backs of glass or open fronted cupboards, or the front of cabinet doors will lift a room. Similarly, a single feature wall with some bright wallpaper can help modernise a kitchen.

You could opt for bright, energising colours, like bold reds, sunshine yellow and glowing orange, or get a natural vibe with garden greens, sky blues, or calm grey. Using blackboard paint can also be a great way to spruce up a kitchen wall or backsplash area, as you can use it to write recipes, to do lists, and give grandchildren something fun to draw on.

If you decide to repaint your kitchen cabinets, make sure you remember to remove all the cabinet knobs before you start painting, and buy the right paint and primer. See this step-by-step guide for kitchen cupboard repainting

When you’re painting, think about the colour scheme you want to use, and how it will match what you already have. You might need to buy a few simple decorations for the kitchen to tie it together, but these can be as simple as mugs, bowls and fresh flowers.

Add a New Backsplash

Installing a backsplash at the areas behind sinks, cookers or counters can be great places to add freshness to a kitchen, as well as helping to protect against spills. Big backsplashes can make great focal points for larger kitchens, but even a few tiles in the right place can make a difference.

Backsplashes have traditionally been made from ceramic tiles, and there are lots of options still available for people who like ceramic panels. However, there are also chrome, mirror, glass, mosaic, rich copper, marble, sandstone, and even wood panels available in homeware shops.

If you don’t fancy hiring someone to install a backsplash for you, look for easy to apply tiles. You can buy inexpensive ‘stick on’ panels that need nothing more than a clean space and a steady hand to apply.

Update the Details

Sometimes, small changes can help lift familiar room and turn it into something fresh. Why not simply try:

  • Changing cabinet handles – switch out old, tired handles for colourful, chrome, neutral, floral, square or round handles
  • Install a shelf – to display china, teapots, bowls or pans, and hang cups from
  • Get rid of clutter – especially if you’re prone to hoarding old cookbooks, holiday mementos, and those odds and ends that seem to have no other home
  • Put up art and photography – put colourful family photos, prints of food or nature, or your favourite art on walls, propped on high units, or displayed on shelves
  • Update fabrics – replace old curtains with bright new colours, add fabric or wallpaper to the back of open fronted cabinets, buy new chair cushions, or get new kitchen towels and gloves
  • Hang plates – hang fancy china, charity shop finds or vintage platters on a wall
  • Add a new unit – if you have a large enough kitchen, you could buy a cheap freestanding kitchen ‘island’ to add more space for food preparation
  • Replace your light feature – swap out a boring paper lampshade for a chandelier, colourful pendant, trendy fabric shade or bamboo beehive
  • Get a rug – a rug in front of your sink can add a little fun detail to a kitchen, and provide a comfortable place to stand when doing the dishes

Does your kitchen need sprucing up?

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