Make your workspace more productive

Ever feel like you’re chasing after an ever-dwindling supply of concentration? Worried that you find it difficult to focus on the task at hand?

See if you can boost your creativity and get more done with our top tips for reorganising your home office and desk at work to improve productivity.

Eliminate clutter

There’s nothing wrong with having one or two nice items on your desk to give it a little character – a photo or relaxing desk toy is perfect – but if you cover the surface with bits and pieces, you’ll be fighting against the clutter every time you sit down. Minimise mess and allow your mind to stay clear and distraction free.

Add some greenery

Not only do they look and smell great, but plants have also been shown to improve concentration levels. A study by Cardiff University’s school of psychology found that transforming a stark, plain office with the help of some greenery can improve productivity by 15 per cent – as well as leaving workers feeling happier and healthier.

Making the most of natural light

Switching all the lights on when you sit down to work might be a force of habit, but it’s one that’s probably worth breaking. If possible, do your very best to make the most of the natural light available to you and avoid switching on fluorescent or overhead lighting unless you really have to. If you’re in a dark room and need artificial light to work by, be sure to work frequent breaks outside into your day.

Pick a view

Having a desk nearby a window isn’t only pleasant, it’s also a great way to keep your brain happy and your spirit levels high. If you’re able to position your desk near a window, you’re sure to find it easier to recharge your mind with just a few short moments of daydreaming while enjoying the view.

Celebrate interests

If you have creative work to do, there’s nothing better than being inspired while sitting at your desk. If you’re working at home or you have a boss willing to relax decorating rules, hand pictures, posters and postcards on the walls around your desk and give your brain something to be stimulated by.

Wipe up spills and crumbs

You’re working hard and refuelling at your desk but if you don’t take the time to regularly wipe away coffee stains and tip all of the crumbs out of your keyboard, you’ll soon find that your spirit begins to flag. Remove empty cups, plates and wrappers straight away and give your desk a properly clean at least three times a week.

How do you stay productive at your desk?

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