Protect your Furniture with Aqua Clean Technology

The living room is often the place we spend most of our time. It’s where we entertain family, relax with friends and curl up at night with a glass of wine in front of the television. So it’s not surprising that our furniture, and in particular the sofa can see a lot a wear and tear and be open to the risks of a busy household.

If you have a fabric sofa you’ll probably know about those heart in the mouth moments after you spill your coffee or red wine. You gaze at the mark and try to work out the best way to clean the stain without damaging the fabric. Usually however we realise that without professional cleaning the stain will always be visible to a certain degree. This is where a technology like Aqua Clean can be a lifesaver!

The Aqua Clean technology is used to coat each fibre within the fabric which creates an invisible barrier stopping liquids and stains from permeating the fabric. This barrier means even the toughest household spills and stains (such as red wine, coffee and pen) can be easily removed by using a little water and a cloth. This advanced technology reduces the need for professional cleaning and gives you the absolute peace of mind you need.


Red wine spill


Step 1

Gently remove any excess liquid/residue on the fabric.

Step 2


Apply water to the area. This can be done by either pouring a little directly onto the stain or onto a clean cloth first.

Step 3

After a few seconds, press over the area with a clean damp cloth and then gently rub in a circular motion. Repeat the process if necessary.

Similar and less effective technologies aren’t new to the highstreets, however the big advantage of Aqua Clean is you don’t need to compromise on style or comfort. There is no rough, stiff texture, you’d expect with this type of product. It’s also available in an excellent range of designs and colours such as ‘Kentash’ – the fabric shown above. The other huge advantage is that this fabric can be used on the furniture you already own, either as Loose Covers or upholstery.


Like to know more about Aqua Clean? The Plumbs website will be able to guide you through the options and you can also arrange a FREE no obligation quotation. Alternatively please call 0800 072 4076




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