Relax into a seriously stylish and comfortable armchair

As we get older the very latest styles and fashions may start to pass us by, but you never lose your eye for true quality or what looks great.

If you grew up in the 1950s, you may well remember trying to recreate the glamorous dresses of Elizabeth Taylor or the mean and moody ‘leather and denim’ look of Marlon Brando.

Or if you’re a Sixties teenager, maybe short skirts, tie-dye shirts or a Fab Four mop top are what you considered to be the height of fashion.

Right now, you may not know, or care, too much about what today’s trendsetters look like. But what we’re sure you still have an eye for is real quality and something that exudes timeless style.

Certainly, those are the key qualities the furniture created by The Comfort Factory are renowned for. We know our customers don’t want a purely practical armchair or recliner that looks like the one they remember from their grandparents’ front room.

Armchairs can offer exceptional comfort and look incredibly stylish too.

So as well as offering optimum comfort for your back, and higher seats to make sitting down or rising up easier, The Comfort Factory’s wide range of chairs feature many super stylish designs and fabrics.

Maybe the elegant curves of the Brockford orthopaedic chair are exactly what you’re looking for? Or how about the perfectly formed Manley comfort chair, which delivers a modern slant on the traditional armchair?

The Comfort Factory really does offer a superb selection of chairs which often can be tailored to create the exact look you want. With every model, you can choose your favourite fabric and from a large selection of colours. And with many models, you can also choose your preferred leg design too.

Plus, if that wasn’t enough, The Comfort Factory is absolutely determined to keep prices as low as possible. So unlike furniture retailers on the high street and in retail parks, this means we don’t pay out for expensive showrooms or advertising – hidden costs that are always passed on to customer.

Visit The Comfort Factory’s website at or give us a call on 01535 272957 to discuss your individual needs.



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